Baby showers have been around for centuries and make a lovely way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of someone’s little bundle of joy. But finding the best baby shower gift ideas has always been a difficult task! Browse through this article to find our roundup of some of the most practical baby shower gifts that any parent-to-be will love.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Give a Gift With a Difference

A baby shower is not just an event to celebrate new life but also an excellent opportunity to help new parents gather some very useful baby gear and important accessories for their baby. Most expectant parents love those gifts at their baby showers that combine both sentimental value and practicality.

So, you should choose one of the most useful baby gifts for a baby shower so that your present shows how much you care. Moreover, your baby shower gift should send a loving message to the parents to be and be something they will treasure.

Hence, if you’re here searching for the best gift for a baby shower and want to make a difference in the expectant parents’ lives, there’s a fabulous range of baby shower gift ideas you will enjoy browsing to find just the one you love.

Types of Baby Shower Gifts

While most baby shower gifts mostly focus on major baby products like the cot, pram, baby outfits, etc., luckily, there’s a huge range of other types of gifts you can choose from to give a gift that celebrates the new arrival uniquely. Moreover, searching for baby shower gifts as per these various types makes the selection a lot easier.

1. Gifts for Mothers

Most people focus on only baby gifts while giving a baby shower gift but doesn’t the mum need some pampering too? Unfortunately, a mum-to-be is usually left out at a baby shower. A pregnant mother has plenty of needs before the baby’s due date and she shouldn’t be forgotten while looking for a memorable baby shower gift.

2. Gifts for Baby Girl

If there’s a girl on the way, rather than confusing yourself with only “pinks and pastels” or buying some pretty trinkets, you should choose to gift some useful baby gifts to the girl’s parents. From adorable outfits to cute little toys and a lot more, you can choose from plenty of baby girl gifting options for the baby shower.

3. Gifts for Baby Boy

If the baby due is a boy, it may be tempting to get cute knick-knacks with a car design. Or you may even want to let lions and dinosaurs take over the limelight. But baby shower gifts should be functional too. You can go for some useful baby shower gifts like outfits, bedding, etc. and choose boyish patterns on them.

4. Gender-Neutral Gifts

If the expectant parents have decided to not know or disclose the gender of their baby yet, you can choose to give them a gender-neutral gift. From nursery decor to gift hampers, carrying baskets and toys, there are a plethora of gender-neutral gifts for baby showers that you can give to the expecting parents.

5. Customized Gifts

Personalized gifts give the perfect opportunity to astonish new parents to show much you care. By giving a present with the baby’s name or initial, you can go for countless customized gift ideas and make your gift extra special for the parents-to-be. From fuzzy soft toys to rattles, cushions and clothes, you can find personalized gift options nearly everywhere.

6. DIY Baby Shower Gifts

No gift can be more sentimental than the one you made with your own hands. If you’re creative, you can also choose to make a DIY gift for the baby. Not only will your present be one-of-a-kind but will be a treasure for the expecting parents and stand out at the party.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Baby: Your Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts Blueprint

Now, you are all set to give your friends some useful baby shower gifts they might need before the baby decides to drop in. From the perfect gifts to welcome a baby to practical baby shower gifts, we have got you covered for them all. So, take a look at these gifts for baby showers and pick the best that complements your taste and budget – we are sure you are spoilt for choices with us.

1. Clothing

Clothes are one of the first gifts that most people decide to buy as a gift for baby showers. The newborn or 0-6 months size is the most common one of all.

However, if you’re worried there might be too many clothing gifts and the baby may outgrow yours before getting to wear it, you can go for higher sizes too. There’s nothing wrong with going with sizes like 6-12 months or even 12-18 months. Most expecting parents appreciate baby clothes up to size 2 years.

Here are some clothing ideas you can gift at a baby shower:

  • Onesie
  • Undershirts
  • Night suit
  • Sleepers
  • Leggings or stretchy pants
  • Mittens, booties and bonnets
  • Sweaters
  • Sweatshirts
  • Zip-up jackets
  • Fleece jackets
  • Pajamas or nightgowns

You can also opt for fancy outfits for festive occasions or buy shoes or hair accessories for the baby to make your gift more thoughtful and complete.

Baby clothes in one picture

2. Play Items

Play items and toys are the second safest choice if you want to give the best baby shower gift. Here are some options for you to choose from:

i) Baby Comforter or Lovey

Baby comforters and loveys make a great baby shower gift as they help babies learn to self-soothe while sleeping alone in the crib.

ii) Baby Bean Bag

Bean bags are everyone’s favorite and undoubtedly, toddlers love them too. They are multi-functional and little ones love to sit on them.

iii) Baby Play Mat

If you are looking for a gender-neutral gift, a baby play mat is a great choice. Available in a lot of fun prints and patterns, most playmats can go with any nursery décor.

Baby toys or a collage of all three of these products

3. Sleeping & Bedding

Sleeping and bedding items make one of the most useful baby shower gifts! Let’s explore the options you have:

i) Crib Fitted Sheets

Crib fitted sheets are as important as the crib itself. You can gift the expecting parents a pack of two or three crib fitted sheets. You can choose a complementing print and design if you know the nursery theme or simply opt for a gender-neutral pattern to make a safe choice.

ii) Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are not only useful but also add the perfect pop of color and element to any baby room. And the best part is – you have endless choices to find cute baby blankets.

iii) Baby Wraps & Swaddles

If you want to give a present that will be used by the parents right after birth, a baby swaddle wrap is a perfect choice.

iv) Wearable Blankets

Since babies cannot sleep in traditional blankets until they are one year old because of the risk of SIDS, wearable blankets are essential for them. So, why not gift a zip-up sleep sack that keeps the baby warm at night?

v) Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are very useful for parents to keep tabs on their baby from their bedroom or even when they are away from home thereby making a great baby shower gift.

vi) Nightlight

A nightlight is essential in a baby room and you have plenty of options to choose from. You can either go for a basic model that will simply light up a dark room for midnight diaper changes or go for a fancy night light as per the nursery theme.

vii) White Noise Machine

White noise machines, although not a necessity, help get babies to sleep deep and more easily. So, you can help the new parents sleep better too by giving a white noise machine as a baby shower gift.

Collage of these products

4. Furniture

Nursery furniture is expensive and if given to the parents as a group gift, can help them manage their expenses slightly easier and put their minds at ease. Here are some useful furniture pieces you can choose to give as a baby shower gift:

i) Bassinet

Since a bassinet is a baby’s first safest sleeping spot, especially when they share the room with their parents, it makes a great gift option. You can consider one of the best bassinets like the Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper.

Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

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ii) Crib

A crib is one of the most important components of a baby nursery and makes a really great baby shower gift. However, with so many crib options available on the market, it is crucial to find the right type of crib that the parents would like. You can sneak into the baby registry list to fetch some details or ask the host about their preferences.

We recommend checking out the Dream On Me Synergy 5 in 1 Convertible Crib if you are intrigued with this idea.

Dream On Me Synergy 5 in 1 Convertible Crib

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iii) Crib Mattress

If your budget allows, you can also give the right size crib mattress with the crib to make your gift complete. However, if the parents already have a crib or someone has already bought it, you can purchase the crib mattress alone and combine your gift with some hamper or other items from this list.

Dream On Me Sunset 3” Portable Crib Mattress

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iv) Changing Table

A changing table is another generous baby shower gift since it is another nursery essential that can serve many useful purposes at once.

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

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v) 2-in-1 Dresser

If the expecting parents are more interested in the dresser, you can buy a two-in-one dresser like the Evolur Aurora Double Dresser for them so that they have plenty of storage as well as a specific diaper changing station.

Evolur Aurora Double Dresser

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vi) Changing Pad

A changing pad is a must-have for any baby nursery as it allows the parents to change the diapers hassle-free, anywhere.

Evolur Eva Changing Pad

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5. Gears

There’s no denying the fact that baby gears make life a lot easier and manageable. Here are some essential baby gears you can choose as a baby shower gift:

i) Baby Carrier

For parents constantly on the move, a baby carrier is one of the most practical baby gifts. Cosy and super comfortable, baby carriers keep the baby close to the parents at all times while giving them free hands to do whatever they want.

ii) Car Seat

A car seat is mandatory but there are plenty of options for the parents to choose from. From a basic infant car seat to a convertible model, a car seat is a great gifting choice too.

iii) Car Seat Canopy

Additionally, you can also opt for a car seat canopy to complete your gift and help the parents protect their baby from the harsh sunlight.

iv) Baby Swing, Rocker or Bouncer

A baby swing, rocker or bouncer is not a necessity but all of them make life really easy for most parents. You can check out the Dream On Me range of baby bouncers, rockers and swings to find a great option.

v) Baby Stroller or Pram

You can also choose to give the expecting parents a baby stroller or pram so that they are all set to run errands with their newborn without getting tired.

vi) Pram Liner

Babies deserve the utmost comfort and a pram liner is sure to make them feel even more relaxed on the go.

vii) Stroller Rain Cover

You can gift a stroller rain cover as a baby shower gift to help the parents drape it over the stroller and shield their tiny tot from wind and rain.

viii) Playard

Whether it’s about traveling frequently or giving the baby a safe place to play in, a folding playard can come in handy for parents at all times. Some playards like the Dream On Me Princeton Deluxe Playard are equipped with many handy features such as a built-in diaper changing station, a removable bassinet, storage space, etc.

Dream On Me Princeton Deluxe Playard

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ix) Rocking Chair or Glider

Baby shower gifts are not only about the baby, right? Giving a rocking chair or glider will help the new mom nurse the baby and snuggle with them for hours

Evolur Harlow Deluxe Glider with Massager

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6. Diapering Supplies

Parents can never have enough diapers in the beginning and hence, they make a great gift for a baby shower.

i) Diaper Cake

A baby shower is literally incomplete without a diaper cake. Just wrap the diapers as a cake and you can also add other baby essentials into the mix.

ii) Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a huge necessity for any parent and hence, makes a highly functional gift at the same time.

iii) Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is a reliable accessory that helps keep the baby’s room smelling fresh and sweet by trapping the foul odor. Why not choose it as a baby shower gift?

7. Essentials & Toiletries

Thought we were done with our ideas? Well, not yet. Here are some essentials and toiletries you can gift to the expecting parents:

i) Baby Wipes Warmer

Little ones hate the surprise of a cold wipe on their bare bum, especially in the middle of a cold night and hence, this gift will keep them happy.

ii) Baby Wipes

You can combine the wipes warmer with a pack of baby wipes too or could simply gift a large hamper of baby wipes to the parents. But make sure the wipes are unscented, hypoallergenic and safe for the baby’s skin.

iii) Bath Towel

A bath towel is a necessity in every household and there are countless cute options to choose from.

iv) Hooded Towel

You can also give a hooded towel along with the bath towel. It is especially a great choice if the parents are interested in indulging their baby in swimming lessons at an early age.

v) Baby Bath Kit

Compile a baby bath kit or buy a ready-to-use pack and gift it to parents and they’ll be relieved to check off so many items from their registry at once.

vi) Non-Contact Thermometer

Parents need a thermometer many times. Gifting them a non-contact thermometer will keep them sorted so that they can measure surface and water temperatures as well as their baby’s temperature if they seem down.


8. Feeding Supplies

We cannot forget gifts from this category, so here are our top suggestions:

i) Burp Cloths

Give a cute set of funky burp cloths that’ll catch spit-ups and wipe up other baby fluids.

ii) Bibs

You can also combine your gift with a set of bibs so that the parents are at ease while introducing semi-solid foods to their baby or when they’re drooling and teething.

iii) Baby and Toddler Feeding Set

A baby feeding set is such a cute and practical baby gift as it combines literally everything the parents need to start feeding their baby.


9. Organisers & Décor Items

There’s never enough space with babies and organisers always come in handy for the parents. Similarly, décor items make the nursery designing process a lot easier for the expecting parents.

i) Nursery Stickers & Wallpaper

If you know the nursery theme, you can go with gifting the parents the statement wall wallpaper.

ii) Toy Storage

Gift a toy storage bin organizer and when the mom sees the nursery clutter-free, she’ll always thank you in her heart.

iii) Cot Organizer

If the nursery cannot accommodate a hefty dresser, you can gift a cot organizer to the parents so that they are always relieved looking at the tidy room.

iv) Car Seat Organizer

If the parents travel frequently, they would need a lot of stuff to travel with them and a car seat organizer will make sure all their essentials are carefully sorted without any mess.

v) Cot Mobile

Babies love cot mobiles and they also add a perfect element of décor to any nursery theme. Whether it’s a jungle nursery theme or a girly vintage theme, you can find a cot mobile in literally all designs and patterns.


10. Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If none of these ideas defines your style of gifting, here are some miscellaneous suggestions from our end:

i) Welcome Baby Hamper

Give the parents literally everything they’ll need in the initial days of their baby’s life.

ii) Baby Travel and Grooming Kit

Give miniature versions of baby toiletries as well as essential grooming supplies to let the expectant parents rest assured when they plan to travel with their little bundle of joy.

iii) Baby Book & Other Keepsakes

Keepsakes, baby journals and books make one of the most cherishable baby gifts as they allow the parents to record all the special moments to look back on.

iv) Spa Day

You can also give a gift card to let the pregnant parents have a relaxing day to pamper themselves before the baby arrives.

v) Housekeeping Services

Staying on top of household chores with a little baby around can be really difficult. Why not give a gift card for housekeeping services and help the parents with a clean house.

vi) Online Gift Card

Even if there are hundreds of gifts, there’s still loads of stuff for parents to shop from. So, why not gift them the convenience of shopping online by giving them an online gift card?

vii) Hand-Knit Sweaters

If you know how to knit a sweater, gift it and your present will make a huge difference.

viii) Customized Mug

Caffeine is a must-have for parents with a little one and gifting them a cute customized mug (maybe with their pregnancy shoot) is an awesome idea.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Mom-To-Be: What’s Useful for New Moms

If you are looking for some useful baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be, here are our top suggestions:

i) Nursing or Feeding Pillow

Whether the mom nurses or bottle feeds her baby, a nursing pillow is sure to support the baby and help the mom avoid straining her shoulders or neck. The mom is sure to appreciate your present’s thoughtfulness.

Nursing or feeding pillow

ii) Maternity Gown

You can go for a comfortable maternity gown or a fancy kimono if the photoshoot is not done yet.

Maternity gown

iii) Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are an optional choice for the moms but if you know she’d like to own one, it makes a great gift.

Nursing cover

iv) Postpartum Pregnancy Belly Band

The mom-to-be deserves every comfort on the planet after giving birth and a postpartum belly band is sure to provide much-needed support to her. Furthermore, it will help in faster recovery and reduce the pressure on the swollen areas.

Postpartum pregnancy belly band

v) Maternity Bra

A maternity bra is one of the best gifts for a mom so that she can nurse conveniently anytime, anywhere.

maternity bra

vi) Pregnancy Compression Socks

Socks might not seem like the most adorable gift but pregnancy compression socks are different. They will be highly appreciated and make a practical gift for expecting mommies.

pregnancy compression socks

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

If you want to give one of the top baby shower gifts, here are some tips that are sure to come in handy:

  • Many parents decide to have a baby shower gift registry list so that they can get the kind of gifts they need and avoid similar items. Ask the host about it and choose your gift carefully.
  • Make your gift personal by adding a beautiful message to it.
  • Make sure there are no price tags on the gift.
  • If it’s not the first baby, make sure to know what the parents already have before buying it for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selecting The Best Gift For Baby Shower

Have some queries related to buying the top baby shower gifts, here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the same.

What is an appropriate baby shower gift?

If you are looking for some unique, useful and practical baby shower gifts, here are some top suggestions for you:

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Sleep and bedding items such as crib fitted sheets, blankets, wraps and swaddles
  • Nursery furniture items such as a crib, diaper changing table, glider, etc.
  • Essential baby gear such as stroller, baby carrier, car seat, etc.
  • Toiletries, bath items, diapering supplies, feeding supplies, etc.
  • Baby record book
  • Personalised or DIY gifts

What should you not bring as a baby shower gift?

If you are searching for a baby shower gift, avoid the following gifts to make sure the expecting parents are not disappointed:

  • Clothes of high sizes like 3 to 5 years old (cause storage problems)
  • Stuffed animals (pose the risk of SIDS)
  • Toddler toys (won’t be used for a long time)
  • Anything used
  • Any furniture or gear that has been called out at CPSC’s website

Do you give a gift when a baby is born?

Yes. It’s a great idea to give a gift to a newborn to celebrate their arrival and share your joy with the family.

How much should you spend on baby shower prizes?

Spending money on any event, particularly your baby shower, should be totally under your budget. With so many expenses ahead of you when your baby arrives, you don’t want to overspend on party gifts and prizes, which will throw your entire budget off.

The Bottom Line

Your friend tells you about her pregnancy, you’re excited and happy but already start getting anxious about finding an amazing, unique and thoughtful gift when the baby shower arrives. After all, you are not just giving something that simply looks nice or fits the couple’s taste.

Rather, you’re thoughtfully picking one of the most perfect baby shower gifts items that will make the parents be slightly relaxed about the preparations for the new arrival. Your gift can either be a huge relief on the expectant parents’ pockets in form of some gear, furniture or cash. It can also help make family memories or teach the baby a skill in the times to come.

Overall, looking for baby shower gift ideas will take you to a whole new level of gifting. This, of course, is a daunting process that’s quite tricky to navigate. Moreover, the fact that baby gear is constantly changing and improving is challenging in itself. So, we hope we helped you pick the right baby shower gift for your loved one and their baby-to-be. What’s your favorite gift idea from all of these?