An idea is born

If a child’s social, emotional and physical development in it’s early years has a direct impact on who he/she becomes in adulthood, when is it too soon to start nurturing this process of growth?

The answer to this question is simple. Never. It is never too soon.

It was this very thought that set the DOM Family on it’s journey in 1988 with the firm resolution to bring exceptional value into the lives of families by providing them with a wide range of quality products that are safe and at a value that every family can afford through constant innovation.

This journey has, thus far, proven to be one of immense learning, of opening minds to new thoughts and one of profound transformation. We hope to continue on – learning new things everyday and taking forward knowledge gained everyday.

The DOM Family Building-Blocks

We are parents too and we recognize the all-important role parents play in ensuring the upbringing of happy, well-adjusted children.

We bring out-of-the-box thinking and challenge our own products and mental models to bring about desired change in order to create better products. We love what we do and are excited by the possibility of the positive impact this has on the daily lives of families.

We continue to be committed to this essence that serves our very existence.

Who we are

We are a family owned and operated business with a team of highly talented and industry experienced executives (Moms & Dads) with young mind-sets. We work relentlessly in pursuit of excellence for our families (you + us). We innovate, design, develop and manufacture baby products that Moms love and families trust. We are agents of transformation in a tough world and we aim to give your babies the best possible start in life.

Heralds of change

Our focus has always been on quality and safety. Our standards have been high and through the years, as we have grown as individuals, so also has our portfolio.

Today, 27 years on, we proudly feature innovative patents on two of our mattresses, a large selection of baby furniture and accessories, an extensive network of leading global retailers and an extraordinarily happy customer base.

And this just the beginning…



Baby Products

The 1970s was a pivot of change in world history. These were tumultuous times that saw the continued growth of social, political and progressive values, an explosion is scientific discoveries and increased environmentalism.

The United States celebrated its bicentennial anniversary in 1976 reflecting on the past laurels of American success. And it was during this turbulent time that the DOM Family came to America as a first generation immigrant family pursuing freedom and opportunity and the prospect of betterment in this ‘promised land’.

The tumult of the 70s was to sow the seeds that shaped the DOM Family’s journey in realizing the American Dream.


Baby Clothes and Juvenile products

For the DOM Family, this was a time of observation, of learning, of deep thought, of forming ideas, of planning and of creating.

1988 saw the beginning of our journey in the form of a retail store selling children clothes and juvenile products like Cribs, Mattress, Comforter sets, etc.


Baby Product retailers

The 1990s was a continued period of growth for us. This decade saw us expanding the range of our products significantly. We began to supply products to multiple retailers. Alongside this expansion, our retail foot-print too, expanded.


Baby Furniture and Mattresses

In the 2000s, our continued efforts and growth saw us starting our very own design studio. We started manufacturing Baby Mattresses as well as started the import of quality Baby Furniture. We also launched internet sales during this time. This decade saw continued growth and expansion for us in all areas of business.


world’s top baby product retailers

By the time the 2010s arrived, we were expanding rapidly. In this decade, we acquired and moved to a larger warehouse/office and expanded our retail footprint. We are supplying to the world’s top retailers and have  emerged as the leading e-com supplier to world’s foremost retailers.


Innovative new designs and products for kids

We have remained true to our original vision. Today, as we look to the future, we are ready to take all our experience and learning forward by cementing our commitment to Transformation.

We are riding the winds of change, re-discovering ourselves and re-aligning to our vision with an infusion of new ideas and thoughts. Our team continues to grow and we continue to work on producing innovative new designs and products.


Baby Product brands

The future beckons and we are ready. Our vision is to emerge as a leading baby product brand that Moms trust and love. To be their No.1 choice.