No matter what the theme of your nursery is – picking the best crib sheets for your little munchkin is sure to enhance its design and bind all the elements together! Although all standard sized cribs have one-size-fits-all baby crib sheets, there is much more to consider while buying them. Hence, if you are looking for the best baby bedding, we have your back! Also, did you know that most new parents enjoy choosing crib mattress sheets the most?

What is a Crib Fitted Sheet?

A crib sheet is a fitted piece of cloth used as baby bedding that is placed on top of the crib mattress protector. However, it is more than just a covering to your little one’s mattress. A crib sheet fits tightly and has elastic around it for a snug fit because loose bedding may increase the baby’s chances of suffocating.

Most crib sheets are meant to fit all standard-size cribs and usually come with deep corner pockets to wrap the baby mattress perfectly. Hence, bassinet or mini-crib mattresses must be chosen carefully and their sheets must not be confused with fitted crib sheets.

Furthermore, choosing the best crib sheets is as important as choosing the best crib mattress as it not just creates a safe sleeping environment for your baby but also binds together the whole decor of your nursery as per its theme.


Different Types of Crib Mattress Sheets

If you head out to purchase some soft crib sheets for your baby nursery, you are very likely to get overwhelmed by the plenty of choices available out there. It is hence important to understand the types of crib sheets before purchasing or adding them to your baby registry.

1. Organic Crib Sheets (Cotton)

Organic crib sheets are typically made of 100% organic cotton and are the easiest to clean and maintain. Hypoallergenic and soft enough for the baby’s delicate skin, these sheets have optimal breathability and are one of the best types of crib sheets you can invest in.

2. Bamboo Crib Sheets

For people looking for a more absorbent and stronger fabric than cotton, there is no better choice than bamboo sheets. These sheets are made using 100% organic bamboo viscose without any other blended fabrics. Although they may feel a little rough and scratchy at first, these sheets soften once they are washed and are quite breathable to help your baby sleep cool.

3. Linen Crib Sheets

Another great option if you are looking for a natural, highly durable and hypoallergenic crib sheet except for cotton or bamboo, linen crib sheets regulate the mattress temperature very well and excel in their breathability. However, these sheets tend to shrink very quickly and must be preshrunk.

4. Polyester Crib Sheets

Cheaper as compared to organic cotton or bamboo crib sheets, polyester sheets do not wrinkle or shrink. However, we do not recommend purchasing them as they are neither very breathable nor hypoallergenic for the baby’s sensitive skin.

5. Flannel Crib Sheets

Usually crafted using soft woven organic wool, flannel crib sheets are a great choice if you live in colder areas as these sheets will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Crib Sheets

Picking the right crib sheet is an integral part of ensuring your baby’s comfort, safety and deep sleep. Before you purchase some baby crib sheets, here are some important things you must consider:

1. Choose the Fabric

Depending upon your requirement and preference, carefully analyze the various types of crib sheets and choose the fabric you want to purchase. Ideally, 100% organic cotton crib sheets are the most common and the safest choice. While organic crib sheets are not essential, they make a worthwhile purchase due to their safety, breathability, and durability.

2. Ensure it is 100% Safe for the Baby’s Skin

  • Do not quickly get carried away as soon as you read “organic” on any packaging.
  • Verify the same by carefully looking for the certifications the crib sheet holds to be 100% sure of its safety for your child’s skin.
  • The sheet you are interested in purchasing must comply with CPSC requirements. Also, it is better to purchase GOTS certified sheets as they are certified to meet the processing standard as per the ecological and social criteria for organic fibres.

3. Look for Softness

It is very important to purchase buttery soft crib sheets to make sure your baby is comfortable in their crib all the time. Since babies have sensitive skin, crib sheets that aren’t soft can quickly cause itchy rashes which you wouldn’t want at all.

4. Check for Proper Fit & Pockets

The availability of deep pockets in a crib sheet gives a perfect fit which further ensures your baby’s safety against suffocation or entanglement risk. Hence, you must look for a crib sheet that features elastic bands around its edge to stay put on the mattress.

5. Don’t Neglect Breathability

Breathable crib sheets are extremely important as they allow proper air circulation into and out of the baby’s crib mattress. Thus, they help in reducing excessive heat build-up, sweat, and suffocation. Furthermore, a breathable crib sheet is very likely to avoid accidents just in case the baby’s face somehow gets obstructed by it.

6. Look for a Higher Thread Count

You can consider thread count as GSM that helps you understand the thickness of a paper. The more the thread count, the heavier, thicker and more durable the crib sheet is. As a rule of thumb, the crib sheet must at least have a thread count of 200.

7. Other Factors

Apart from the important factors listed above, some additional features you can look for include the design, colour, pattern and print of the sheet so that they complement the theme of your nursery. Moreover, you must also look for warranty, care instructions, price, etc.

Our Picks for 3 Best Crib Sheets of 2020

Considering thousands of parents’ reviews about the crib sheets they love the most, here are the top picks for cute crib sheets we think you and your baby will love.

1. Burt’s Bees Baby – 100% Organic Cotton Crib Sheet for Standard Crib and Toddler Mattresses

GOTS certified and made using 100% organic cotton, the Burt’s Bees Baby crib sheets are available in ten subtle colours. These crib sheets are highly breathable and snug fit the mattress perfectly. Furthermore, they come along with an extra fabric overlap on the bottom edge and extra-stretchy 360º elastic. Heavenly soft and eco-friendly, these crib sheets last wash after wash and are perfect for your baby’s delicate skin.


$ 17.95




52″ x 28″


2. Ely’s & Co. Fitted Crib Sheets – Flexible 100% Jersey Knit Cotton Toddler Mattress Cover – Grey Sage Diamond

The Ely’s & Co. fitted crib sheets are made of light and soft, high-quality 100% Jersey knit cotton to offer your baby a smooth texture that instantly puts them to deep sleep. Highly breathable, these crib sheets are equipped with flexible, generous elastic to ensure a perfect fit on the mattress. Available in a pack of two, these sheets feature a cool, classy grey colour and gender-neutral design.


$ 26.99


100% Jersey knit cotton


52” x 28” x 9”


3. Pobi Baby – 2 Pack Premium Fitted Crib Sheets for Standard Crib Mattress

If you are looking for cute crib sheets, especially for an adventure-themed nursery, the Pobi Baby fitted crib sheets with an animal + woodland pattern are a perfect choice. Available in a pack of two with interesting prints, these premium quality crib sheets are made from high-quality cotton. These sheets are highly breathable and fit perfectly through the elastic band wraps provided. Easy to clean and wash, these crib sheets don’t fade their design or colour even after multiple washes.


$ 29.95




52” x 28”


Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing a Crib Fitted Sheet

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing the best crib sheets.

What sheets do you need for a crib?

You need fitted crib sheets that are ideally made using organic materials, have deep pockets with an elastic band for a proper fit, and are highly breathable to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort at all times. Furthermore, crib sheets must be printed using eco-friendly dyes.

Are muslin crib sheets good?

Muslin is ideally a loose plain weave cotton fabric that is highly breathable and lightweight. Sometimes, it is also made using silk and viscose. Imagine Muslin like a very soft and slightly sheer fabric that somewhere lies between cotton and linen. Although it feels luxuriously soft and makes a great sheet, it is not very durable and may get worn off in a few washes. Moreover, it is not suitable for regular use and can only be used occasionally.

How many crib sheets do you really need?

Changing crib sheets is very essential to maintain the baby’s hygiene and freshness. Hence, you must ideally change it at least two to three times a week. Hence, we recommend purchasing about six to seven crib sheets for a good regulation throughout the month because sometimes there can be spills and accidents too wherein you would need to change it even twice or thrice in a day.

Are microfiber crib sheets safe?

Although microfiber crib sheets are not very harmful, they do not have the best breathability. Hence, purchasing organic crib sheets is the best baby bedding as it is a safer choice.

How often should you change crib sheets?

You should ideally change the crib sheets once every two days but if you have a good stock, try changing them every day in summers to maintain utmost hygiene and freshness.

Why should you buy breathable crib sheets?

Purchasing breathable crib sheets is very important to minimize the risks of suffocation and ensures enhanced sleep quality for the baby. However, you must further ensure the baby’s safety by keeping soft toys and snugly pillows away from the crib, especially when your child is sleeping.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide on purchasing the best crib sheets. It is important to choose a properly fitting crib sheet for the baby’s safety, keep the mattress safe against any unexpected messes, and keep the baby cosy and comfortable. Furthermore, the hassle of the sheet continuously slipping is also gone! After all, what could look better than a perfectly tucked in crib sheet?

What are your most favorite crib sheets? Do let us know in the comments below!