Motherhood is unique. Unique to every woman, unique to every child, unique by the sheer force of nature. At The D.O.M. Family, we take immense pride in the fact that we’re made up of industry experts for industry experts… a.k.a. parents!

But it’s not lost on us that at the heart of this nucleus is this very unique bond of motherhood, spearheaded in our growing family by our very own #DOMMoms. Exceptional women with different lives, perspectives, minds & skills that allow our world to grow every day.

But on the occasion of Mother’s Day, we decided to turn the tables. We see the monumental, heart-warming and transformational impact their Motherhood journey creates for us, our brands and our community. But how has this very journey impacted them – as people, as women, as individuals, and as professionals?

So, we asked them a simple question – how has Motherhood changed you? And were met with a series of touching, eye-opening and insightful answers.

Dive in and get to know our #DOMMoms, and the impact Motherhood has had on them.

1. Gaetana Keogh, The D.O.M. Family

Gaetana Keogh

“I learned that I am a toy detective, problem solving, magic booboo healer, pillow, human tissue, sniffer of smells, master at mindreading, and fluent in toddler, and mastering preteen language. I am very thankful for my children, and every day is an adventure, especially with 4 ranging from 3-11 ½.”

2. Aysha Kiyani, The D.O.M. Family

Aysha Kiyani

“I’m not sure if it’s a skill but it has made me to learn to have patience and how little things matter. No luxury can bring the happiness and joy your child brings to your life.”

3. Nirupa Ramroop, The D.O.M. Family

Nirupa Ramroop

“Motherhood speaks about my world. My life-changing journey from late nights to early mornings – Running to brush his teeth, bathing him, getting him dressed, and putting him to sleep. Being a working mom, I always find the energy within me to carry me throughout the day for him. It is a growing process with unpredictable days, and its worth is valuable love and time.”

4. Shareza Bacchus, The D.O.M. Family

Shareza Bachhus

“Being a single mother, I am exceptionally close with my beautiful children. They are sweet, kind, bright, curious, adventurous, and loving. I went from being a happily married young woman to a single mother trying desperately to rebuild her life, resulting in life-changing moments. I was able to evolve into a confident powerhouse of a woman. To all the single mothers out there, don’t give up, don’t give in, keep fighting for opportunities of growth, self-love while being the best mom ever. Let’s rewrite our future for our self and our children”.

5. Chrissy Vales, The D.O.M. Family

Chrissy Vales

“My daughters are my world, they’re my everything. I live my everyday making sure they’re happy and to do the little things or silly things just to see them smile. That’s one thing that’s become a part of me – focusing on the little things. The best love is the love you receive from your child. Pure and unconditional!”

6. Swati Nair, The D.O.M. Family

Swati Nair

“Motherhood taught me to be more present, to forgive truly and more easily, to accept differences, and respect them.”

7. Christina Briggs, The D.O.M. Family

Christina Briggs

“Never giving up – that’s what motherhood has taught me. The ability to take struggles on and come out stronger for my child.”

8. Merlin Perello, The D.O.M. Family

Merlin Perello

“Motherhood has changed me for the better. I work 2 jobs to provide for all my kids. They give me a reason to live and motivate myself. Even when I want to give up, I’m able to push myself for my kids.”

9. Priyanka Nayak Chakraborty, The D.O.M. Family

Priyanka Nayak Chakraborty

“As a mother, what it takes to be patient, loving and giving is something that came naturally once my kid was born. Nobody had to teach the ‘how to do’ and ‘what to do’. It’s a superpower every woman carries with her that none can even compare.”

10. Shilpa Sehgal Ghai, The D.O.M. Family

Shilpa Sehgal Ghai

“Being a mother is knowing the strengths you had and dealing with the fears you didn’t know that even existed. Motherhood is not an easy job at all, it’s a choice that we make every day, we learn every day.”

11. Sarah Khan, The D.O.M. Family

Sarah Khan

“Motherhood is a lifelong roller coaster filled with the lowest lows and the highest highs, and I am grateful for every wet, messy, painful, wonderful, magical, busy minute of it. Motherhood makes you more patient. I spend hours waiting for my child to get her shoes on, buckle up, brush her teeth, put her clothes on, or do anything that I ask her to. They’re small and still learning, so it’s understandable that it takes them longer, but it definitely makes you more patient than before having kids. Most importantly Motherhood changed my priorities. From having cold meals to making an easy messy bun to putting on quick 2-minute makeup to bathing at nights to having no me time to no sleep/nap time and the list goes on. Your priorities change for the better, and you learn and grow because of it. Motherhood has absolutely changed me, but I wouldn’t change a minute of my motherhood experience.”

Motherhood has been spoken about so much, yet not enough. As a company intertwined in this world, the constant beauty of this bond and journey never ceases to amaze!

And to our #DOMMoms, thank you for what you do for us every day.

And thank you for letting us get a glimpse into the superpower that only you possess – Motherhood!