While there can be no doubt that we, all of us, have the utmost respect and love for our military, we sometimes forget to stop to think of their families and the stresses they face. There can be no question that military families, whether in a war or not, are subject to some very unique challenges and stresses. Frequent moves and the absence of a parent or sometimes, both parents and the emotional upheavals these cause is far from easy to cope with.

operation-showerOperation Shower, founded in 2007 by LeAnn Morrissey, steps in to mitigate some of the difficulties military wives and families face, by hosting Baby Showers for military moms. Over the years, Operation Shower has hosted showers for thousands of military families, with the support of individuals and groups across the country. In 2015, Operation Shower even took its mission to Italy for the first ever international baby shower! The showers not only provide amazing must-haves for the moms and their babies, but also give these women and their families a chance to come together and celebrate.

This year, the DOM Family is partnering with the incredible people at Operation Shower to donate baby furniture and baby sleep products. Operation Shower’s November event – November 8 – Lend Lease will see our Chesapeake Crib and Dream on Me Mattress for the Raffle prize.