We covered Amy Davidson’s baby boy’s nautical themed Cheyenne Nursery in September last year. Read about it here and here and here! For Mother’s Day, we caught up with her with a few quick questions:

1. What you are most grateful for this Mother’s Day?
Lennox is older it almost seems more “real.” I am so grateful to be Lennox’s mommy. I can’t think of a more amazing gift I could have been given. I am forever grateful ?

2. What makes this Mother’s Day extra special?
I’d have to say what makes this Mother’s Day extra special is my bond with Lennox. It grows stronger and stronger every day and he is saying mama! He was not saying that last year LOL! So we will be celebrating Mama’s Day!! ❤

3. What plans you have for Mother’s Day?
We haven’t made any plans yet. I think what would make me happy is a nice brunch with my family, possibly a walk to the farmers market where Lennox can enjoy the animals at the petting zoo and some playtime at the park. That’s pretty much a perfect day for me.

4. Is there anything specific you would like for Mother’s Day?
Honestly, I don’t need any gifts for Mother’s Day. I know I’ve said it before, but Lennox is the most amazing gift I could ever receive. I don’t need something material I just need hugs and kisses from my squishy baby boy.

Well, Happy Mother’s Day to you too Amy! From all of us at the DOM Family.

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