Whimsical Flora & Ethereal White Bring This Dream Girl Nursery

Of Flora, bows & pretty little things – step into little Alianna Vivienne’s dream nursery

Muted, whimsical & dreamy – that’s what comes to mind when one steps into little Alianna’s dream nursery. With pops of ethereal white and feminine details of flora & bows, Mama Kristen Rebecca Zollar brings a vision to life. Starting her journey with the Evolur Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, she used the intricate bow detailing as the base inspiration for the nursery.

What came to life was a haven designed to leave you gasping with delight. If there’s one thing that we have no doubt about – it’s the love & thought the Aurora Crib and little Alianna are nestled within.

Regal, elegant, whimsical – we love Mama Kristen Zollar’s aesthetic vision

We chatted with Kristen to really dive in to her approach & design vision. Read on to get inspired!

Q: What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?

A: When I had my fourth daughter, Alianna Vivienne, you could say that I was a seasoned ‘girl mom’. So, making another girl nursery came pretty naturally. The Evolur Aurora crib was where it all started, as that was the first piece that I picked out and then proceeded to decorate around it. I’ve always been attracted to timeless looks. I just love things that look good forever and that pretty much goes for every area of my life. I also love things that stand out and have that extra pizazz and give off that ‘wow factor’, so that’s always what I shoot for, too!

Q: What does the color scheme mean to you?

A: I picked the color Ivory because I really love the classiness and elegance of it. White is my favorite color and if you could see the rest of my house, you would notice that. My mother calls it “the White House”. I felt that sticking with just ivory for the nursery would separate this room from the rest of the house since the rest of my home is a combination of all the shades of white, mixed with natural wood and greys.

Q: How did you hear about Evolur Baby and what drew you to us over other nursery brands?

A: The Evolur Aurora Collection had exactly what I was looking for – the timeless look and ‘wow factor’! It wasn’t just your everyday crib – the little decorative details made it special and pulled the elegant theme together!

Q: What are your favorite elements of this nursery?

A: No nursery is complete without the baby-to-be’s special name, and again I didn’t want to do the same as everyone else. I wanted the name big and fancy and a major focal point. I was very much involved with the design process of the name and the creator would send me multiple templates for me to choose from. I also ordered the largest size. Skimping on the size of the name sign is the biggest mistake that I think most people make when making their nursery. Especially when it’s the center of a big wall. Go big or go home! It definitely serves its purpose as it is the most commented on feature since sharing my nursery.

Q: Accessories that add a bit of magic to the nursery?

A: Well, add in a chandelier, dreamy curtains, and white Roses and it’s the nursery everyone is dreaming about… literally!

Here’s what I used:

Image credits to Mama Kristen Rebecca Zollar. Visit her on Instagram @kilihila!

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