It has been a while since we featured the évolur Fairbanks Collection in our Beautiful Nurseries category. The last time Fairbanks featured in our blog was…well, never. So today, we are righting that wrong. Thanks to Naz Helms.

Naz has had quite the journey into motherhood. But we are going to save that for our 2nd installment of this feature and you can read about that in her own words. This post, however, is all about Baby Eloise’s Fairbanks Nursery.

Sturdy, dependable, solid. This defines the Fairbanks Collection. The collection features routed molding and sculptured elements that hark back to the time of our early settlers. As with our other collections, the style is transitional and you can match it up with pretty much any type of décor and theme. Naz loves natural elements and bright, cheery colors. This is clearly reflected in the nursery she has put together for Baby Eloise.

The room does not get a lot of natural light. To offset this, Naz used whites and greys to keep the nursery clean and bright. The walls are a warm grey. The flooring is wooden and an off-white rug covers most of the free space in the center of the floor. The solitary window, overlooking the backyard is adorned by white lace curtains.

The wall adjacent to the window features the crib in winter white. The matching double dresser and changing station is placed against the opposite wall with a glider and a couple of side-tables situated conveniently by it. A couple of wooden wall shelves, a baby mobile featuring cutesy sheep over the crib, colorful soft toys by the dozen – some on the shelves, some on the crib and some stowed in a pair of pretty, white and grey rattan-like baskets – and greeting cards by the dozen (too!) – on the window sill, on the side-tables and on the shelves – adorn the nursery. A large mirror, with a unicorn head looking into the crib, hangs over the dresser/changing station. A hanging basket of pothos and a cactus add a touch of brilliant green and complete this sweet and bright nursery.

Our next article features a Q&A with Naz Helms. See you soon!


Photographs courtesy: Naz Helms
Instagram: @naz_helms

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