Think warm sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass and colorful little flowers bobbing their bright heads in a gentle breeze. Well, hello springtime!

And that pretty much sums up Baby Lily Grace’s pretty évolur Julienne nursery.

We can’t help thinking how fortuitous, how appropriate it is for us to be featuring this lovely nursery that is all pink, white and gold in springtime. Because, to our mind, it seems to embody the very essence of what spring is all about.

The nursery is well-lit, thanks to a strategically placed window on the right corner of the wall opposite the entrance to the room. The fact that the room is not overly large coupled with the translucent chiffon drapes on the window, allows for a soft, filtered lighting that accentuates the warmth of the pink walls.

The crib, an évolur Julienne in Antique Mist finish rests against the left-hand-side wall. The wall above the head-boards is festooned with, what has now become ubiquitous, paper flowers from Etsy with Lily’s name in florals. A pink baby mobile hangs over the crib’s animal-print mattress and hippo-appliquéd quilt based on ivory white. Next to the crib, in the corner, are printed baskets with a veritable zoo of super-cute, super-cuddly stuffed animals and a pink, white-polka-dotted baby sized couch. Now, what more could a teensy little baby girl want?

Turns out, mom Stacey Cohen knows exactly what more she could want and makes sure it’s right there.


In the corner, by the window and against the opposite wall is a comfortable-looking grey glider and ottoman. The glider is stuffed with… you guessed it – little pink-white themed cushions. Over this are bookshelves for Baby Lily’s reading.

Next to this arrangement and directly opposite the crib is the double-dresser-changing station. The rest of the walls have a tastefully picked collection of wall-pieces.

Says Stacey, “My favorite piece in the entire nursery is her elephant balloon tree which is above the changing table.”

Our favorite? ‘When God made me, he said ‘TA-DA!’

Of all the nurseries we have covered so far, this is one nursery where the crib does not take center-stage. Instead, it simply blends into the décor, serving, as it were, a functional need. The reason for this, it seems to us, is quite simple. Everything – every single piece of furniture and accessory – has been carefully selected with not the nursery in mind but Lily Grace in mind.

It is beautiful, it is chic and it is deeply, deeply Lily Grace.

And we just love it all. TA-DA!

All photographs courtesy Stacey Cohen

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