Every month, we showcase baby boy and baby girl nurseries that feature our Dream On Me and Evolur cribs and nursery collections. We talk about the inspiration for each nursery and the vision that parents have for that perfect space. We talk about how they go about choosing just the right shade for the walls and one-of-a-kind artwork to adorn these walls. We find out the amount of thought that has gone into picking the right kind of crib and how they put all of these elements together to create the nursery of their dreams.

But sometimes, a nursery showcase isn’t just about the pretty elements. Sometimes, it is about the journey a mom has gone through and what the nursery comes to mean. Mom Morgan Jeffers had a tough pregnancy and gave birth to a little fighter, Baby Quinn Ryan Jeffers. This is her story. A story of hope, joy and celebration. So read on to find out how Baby Quinn’s beautiful pink baby girl nursery came together and how it is now the family’s favorite room.

And oh, it features the Dream On Me Charlotte 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, which we think is just perfect for creating that dream pink nursery that you’ve always wanted for your baby girl.

Over to you, Morgan –

From the moment I found out I was pregnant…okay, maybe a few moments later when the initial shock wore off, the nursery became all I could think about. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! From that point on it was paint, paint, paint! I knew I wanted to feature all of my own artwork on the walls and that was the easiest part about it. Then came the crib. The dresser. The changing table. A rocker. How to store this and that, the best baby monitors, the placement of everything, the list really goes on and on.

“I quickly started researching cribs and fell in absolute love with this Dream On Me PINK (Charlotte) crib for my little girl! The pink, the price, everything was perfect about it.”

I knew it would go perfectly with all of the designs I had come up with in my head. It was a no brainer. Once the ball got rolling it all came together (in my head and on a very well collected Pinterest board) really well. I decided I’d wait until after my baby shower to really dig into the nursery and buy all of the things she still needed. This included the crib, the car seat, a baby bath..basically everything but her wardrobe. However this is where my perfectly planned out nursery came to a halt.

I was diagnosed with HG (severe nausea and vomiting) early on in my pregnancy and started showing signs of preeclampsia early on as well. The day of my shower my blood pressure was a whopping 158/118! On Tuesday, 2 days after my shower, before I had gotten started on the nursery or bought any of the remaining items on my list, I went in for a regular appointment. After a few minutes of the sonographer looking rather frantic with the probe on my belly, a DR came in to tell me my baby wasn’t moving, “practice breathing,” and her heart rate was flat. I was monitored for a couple of hours and by 5:05 that evening, after an emergency c section (one where the spinal block failed half way through) my tiny baby was here.

Quinn Ryan Jeffers. 34 weeks, 3 pounds 10 ounces, 16 inches long and not breathing. She was transferred to a children’s hospital and 3 days later I got to go properly meet my baby. She was a rockstar! Was extubated 12 hours after being intubated and was on room air at 4 days old. We spent the next month learning to feed and growing.

When we came home I was an anxious mess of a momma. Her room was not finished. Her crib was not here. The walls needed painted. And there was so much other stuff and nowhere to put any of it. Slowly and with the help of my amazing parents it came together.

“All of my dreams of bunnies and baby pinks and soft blues and this beautiful pink crib came to life in front of me. It’s become my favorite room in the house.”

I could spend hours rocking her or just hanging out in there with her. Everything has come together so nicely, as if it were wrapped up in ribbon and delivered straight out of a magazine. I’m so proud of this room. I’m so happy to have a place where my baby can grow and learn and become her own person in her own space. I think Quinn loves it too. All of the other pieces in the room were second hand finds that we made beautiful again, except for the rocking chair and all of the paintings on the wall which I did myself. Which I think makes it that much more special. We can’t wait (well, we definitely can wait) to be able to see this crib grow with Quinn into a toddler, and eventually a full size bed fit for a little princess.

We can’t either, Morgan. Quinn seems like a darling baby – so full of life and laughter. From all of us at Dream On Me, we wish you and your family a lifetime of memories, health and happiness!

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