My design theme has always been ‘light, bright and cheerful’…I kept coming back to the word ‘serene’.

Mommy Libby Reilly had everything thoroughly figured out for her baby Clara’s nursery. From the design scheme to the color palette, she knew how she wanted the nursery to look and feel. ‘Serene’.

That’s why she used a lot of pastel shades and light décor pieces across the nursery. It added a sense of peacefulness to the nursery while making it look trendy at the same time. A touch of floral accents here and there did the trick.

“I wanted a serene nursery with nods to French florals, pastels, and a feminine, almost mature feel that our baby could grow into,” says Libby.

Libby’s ideas for a chic and elegant nursery for her little princess Clara turned out to be just that! Featuring a color palette of white and grey, the nursery reflects a tinge of calmness while striking a perfect balance between femininity and maturity.

Featured here is the évolur Julienne nursery collection – a 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, a double dresser, and a nightstand – all in the finish of Grey Mist.

Baby Clara’s Chic Julienne Nursery Pic 2

“My husband first spotted the Julienne set and just grinned, knowing I would love it. He was right. Once I saw that, I couldn’t entertain anything else,” says Libby about the Julienne nursery collection.

Libby placed the Julienne crib against the full wall, with a white carpet in front of it, giving a chic yet cozy appeal to it. The double dresser is placed right opposite to the crib, with a changing table on top and a beautiful picture of the lovely couple.

Hanging above the double dresser are two floral paintings and a beautiful round golden mirror that intensifies the nursery décor even further.

Baby Clara’s Chic Julienne Nursery Pic 3

A rocking chair lies right next to the double dresser – perfect for the Mommy to rock her little princess to sleep. So thoughtful! Pretty sure little Clara loves it.

The nightstand is positioned in between a chic glider and the évolur Julienne double dresser. The nursery is furnished lightly to accentuate the room; it has been made to look lively using key pieces and pop of colors. Blush curtains and small handmade artifacts on the shelves have been used to add character to the nursery.

And oh, look at the little pink stuffed toy on the shelf. How adorable!

The nursery is decorated with handmade artifacts and unique accents giving a personal touch to it. Just like a dream nursery come alive, with a tinge of simplicity.

“I can tend to be a dreamer, while my husband is more of a realist. While the nursery is probably a bit more feminine than he might have originally been comfortable with, the peaceful simplicity of it is now loved by both of us,” Libby sighs.

We couldn’t have said it better, Libby! Your nursery looks amazing – very ‘light, bright and cheerful’ – just the way you had imagined it to be. The sense of comfort and peacefulness is what we get when we look at the pictures of your nursery. One can only imagine how it must feel in real.

We hope your baby loves her time in the nursery that you and your husband put together. It’s absolutely incredible!

Baby Clara’s Chic Julienne Nursery Pic 4

Read on to find out what Libby has to say about her beautiful nursery.

Why did you pick évolur?
We fell in love with the Julienne set and the quality and ability of the furniture to grow with our child.

Where did you hear first about évolur?
When we went shopping at the local baby furniture boutique.

Where did you buy évolur from and why?
We bought it from Baby Boudoir in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We always prefer to support local when we can and wanted something that would not only last and is of high quality, but also something that not everyone else had from a big box store.

What pieces of furniture you have from évolur?
Crib, nightstand, dresser, changer, hutch/bookshelf, and bed conversion kit.

What does this color scheme mean to you?
When we bought our house, my design theme has always been ‘light, bright and cheerful’. This is definitely true in the nursery as well. I kept coming back to the word ‘serene’ and knew I didn’t want our baby’s room to be too harsh. My signature color is purple, so you definitely see a lot of that here, but I think it was done tastefully!

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?
My favorite piece is the custom 8×8 painting on the top shelf, done by my friend at Jami Leigh Carter Art to commemorate our pregnancy journey.

Have you thought of how you will use the nursery pieces down the road and can you tell us?
Besides the aesthetics themselves, this was a key feature in us deciding on the évolur pieces. The fact that the furniture will grow with our daughter “from crib to college” made it an easy choice. I love that it looks mature enough to see her through adolescence and high school. Once she no longer needs the changer, I am looking forward to adding the hutch to the dresser and then converting the crib to a full-size bed.

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?

Elements of the nursery
Evolur Julienne Collection in Antique Mist finish
Paint: Sherwin Williams “Sensitive Tint”
Curtains: HomeGoods
Floral prints and mirror: At Home
Glider: Storytime Series Finley Swivel Glider Recliner
Lamp: Burlington
“Hello Darling” sign: Marshalls
Crib and changing cover: Burts Bees
Cross: Hobby Lobby
Painting: Jami Leigh Carter Art
Rug: At Home

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