In our previous article, we covered Baby Beckett’s nursery décor. In this one, get a little peek into mom Ariel McDonald’s design process through our mini-interview.

What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?
Wood! I love just about any rustic theme. It adds so much character and reminds me of the outdoors. The plus side to it all, my husband owns a fencing company so we had endless amount of wood for crafts.  I came across a nursery pic with old barn wood wall and instantly knew I wanted to create one!

So we got it all done. I went with gray for a neutral color and mint for the accent color. Just in case Beckett happened to come out a Becky I wanted to have colors that would go either way. And now here we are…

What drew you to évolur over other nursery brands?
Honestly, our crib was a gift. I was sent a few choices and immediately knew that it was the one! The design was different than anyone around me had and it just fit with the nursery I had pictured in my head. The fact that Beckett could grow along with it and the dressers only made me want it more. Who wouldn’t want a bedroom set that could last their child 18 years if well kept?

Did the room pose any design challenges?
Not any challenge that was too serious. I painted the walls a matte gray and was kind of worried about it being too much gray. So then I found the wood wall idea when I was looking up nurseries. Then the fact that I was indecisive on which wall to place decor. I knew from day one where the crib would go though. I was so excited about the crib in front of the barnwood wall, there was no rearranging that. We just had to decorate around the crib and get it figured out. After a few days, things just kind of fell into place. Nesting time came around so that may have been the reason I got it figured out so quickly! Haha.

Did you and your spouse agree on style, or did you blend styles and how?
He loved my wood wall idea. So from there on he let my imagination run wild. Of course, I had some ideas that were a bit girly so I needed my husbands masculine eye, but we agreed on just about everything that we ran past each other. A lot of the wall decor we got from the baby shower, so all we really needed to do was find a place for it in the end. Finding a place for everything was easy, but then once the baby was close to arrival I would go in there and think about rearranging. I wanted it to be so perfect for him and it was.

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?
MY favorite is the elephants. They are my favorite animal. Hopefully he likes them too since his room is filled with elephants and a few giraffes. The elephants and the rustic wall together just make my heart and eyes so happy.

Are there any sentimental pieces you incorporated into the room?
Yes! I decided to do a wall with three pieces from all of his grandmas. My grandma played a huge roll in my life and loved anything she would give me. So I just thought it would be a special little something I’d do for them all and Beckett.

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?

All photographs courtesy Ariel McDonald

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