Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,…

So this poem by W.B. Yeats (for the poetically inclined, the full poem is available here) goes. And this nursery that mom Alison Russo put together for her youngest and only girl, Baby Aubree Skye brings to life this eloquent description of heavenly beauty.

This nursery is all warm pink and grey with gold highlights. The room is well-lit with grey walls that match the furniture – The Aurora collection in Akoya Grey. The room is not over-large and the crib, dresser with changing table, the armoire and a grey glider, all occupy adjacent walls in a flow of neatly arranged, easily accessible baby things.

Everything in this nursery is pure elegance. It’s a little surprising, because while it is almost a cliché – pink and grey complement each other – there would be a definite question mark against the gold. Well, we certainly dropped the q-mark after seeing Alison’s incredible work here.

Since the furniture occupies most of the room, there is not a lot of space left for non-functional items. But then, who needs them? The gold highlights set off the warm pinks in this room so beautifully that one is happy to just soak up all the beauty of this color-play.

The wall decor, however, does include painted flowers over the dresser and gold-framed pictures. The gold decal over the crib leads the eyes to Aubree’s name on the wall over the crib. Also, of course, in gold. A grey carpet covers the room and the finishing touches are provided by the warm pink rugs  – one in front of the crib and one by the glider.

The other little essentials in the room are either ivory or white.

Our next post, as usual, will cover a short interview with the proud and happy mom, where she will tell us why and how this nursery came about. So wait for it.

All photographs courtesy Alison Russo

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