All our cribs are transitional in design. Effectively, this means, that your imagination is the limit, as far as theme, colors and décor are concerned. All the nurseries we have covered in this category over the last several months have been stunning, to say the least. Beautiful harmonies with a few bold touches – our évolur moms and dads have spun magic with our Auroras, our Juliennes and our Windsors.

Photo by: Kaysen Photography (

This week, the star of this particular series is Yvette King’s baby girl Avery Elizabeth King’s Sawyer nursery. Our Sawyer Collection is possibly the most unobtrusively elegant collection amongst all our collections. And this week, we’ve discovered that it also lends itself wonderfully well to bohemian chic décor. And this discovery is all due to the very lovely Yvette King.

The nursery features a warm and very light grey walls. The Sawyer finish in use is Distressed White. Everything else in this room are breathtaking splashes of pure, luminous colors. The highlight of the nursery is a floral monogram – A for Avery. Just look at that! Isn’t it magnificent?

We don’t want to give away too much. This nursery has to be seen. No words or descriptions can possibly do it justice. On Wednesday, you will hear all about the nursery from Yvette King herself! So, wait for it!

Instagram – @mycrownedcreations
Photographer that took these photos – @kaysenphoto