Not too long ago, on the last day of May this year, to be precise, Renée Herlocker unveiled her newly renovated home that included 2 beeee-a-u-tiful évolur nurseries for her babies Bowynn (just over 1 year old) and Camden (just about 3 years old). It would seem that from the point in time that Renée and her husband, musician Kelley James, discovered that their baby boy Camden was on his way, they’ve had rather an adventure of it right until now – the time that Baby Bowynn has crossed the 1 year mark.

You can read all about it in Part 2 of our coverage in Renée’s own words. No spoilers here!  Sorry! 🙂 But for now, let’s take a quick look at the two sweet nurseries that Renée and Kelley have put together for Bowynn and Camden.

Both nurseries are masterfully understated. There is nothing over-the-top or ostentatious. This is, no doubt, a testimonial to Renée’s impeccable taste. Bowynn’s nursery is a play on gentle and warm pink tones with dreamy art covered walls.

The évolur collection in focus here is – Parker! We say that with a small element of surprise because – and we are pretty certain we’ve said this before – while we know that our collections are transitional and can be made to fit right in with any type of décor, we are always delighted to see it for real. And after a slew of Auroras, the Dove/Pebble Grey Parker makes for a refreshing change of pace.

On the whole, the nursery is minimalist and incredibly elegant. Spacious and bright with all necessities placed conveniently around the room – toy baskets, cupboard, wall shelves, glider and plenty of space in the middle with carpet and area rug to hang out with baby and family.

Decorations are all functional and include the sweetest crystal pendant lamp hanging in the middle of the room.

Camden’s nursery features the Santa Fe crib in storm grey. The nursery’s theme is astronomy – in keeping with his interest in the field – and decorations include celestial wall art, rocket and stars, a moon decal and a constellation patterned hanging bed canopy.

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