This week, we are departing from format slightly. The latest addition to our Beautiful Nurseries category is Baby Skyy Aurora’s Aurora Princess Nursery. Yes. That’s right. It’s Skyy Aurora. 🙂 Could it be any more perfect? It seems it can. As it turns out, we received a lovely, eloquent description of this nursery from mom Roxee Maas and here she is to tell you all about it herself…

I knew I wanted the nursery to be calm, peaceful and something both my husband and I loved.   This is our first baby and I didn’t want to throw pink everywhere just because we were having a girl.  I looked online for all kinds of inspiration then slowly started to piece the nursery together- once I found the Aurora crib/ dresser in the grey pearl my mind started to piece together the final color theme, bedding, pictures, stuffed animals, etc..

The color palette my husband and I chose was grey, pink, black and white.  Pink for our princess (my favorite color too), grey and white for softness and black for that little bit of edge that her daddy and I have.  We decided to make the contrast wall a vintage pink as the grey crib would pop sitting on it.  The edge was added in by using black frames for all the family pictures we hung.

We wanted a nursery filled with comfort, family and love for our little princess named Skyy Aurora.  Her name was already picked way before we started designing.  When the crib set was not only gorgeous but the style name was her middle name Aurora -there was no other furniture to look at I had found the furniture I wanted for our baby girl.

My husband Sam loved the furniture and then told me he trusted me on picking out everything for the nursery.  Every time I made a decision I included him in on it as I wanted his input because it was important to me!  We made this baby together and we were going to make all the decisions together too J

The room is not as big as I originally anticipated as we kept changing our mind which room we were going to use as the nursery.  This made it harder and I became pickier about what we really needed to be in the room so it was useful and practical yet still gorgeous.  SO many of the pictures online of nurseries were huge and amazing but you didn’t see the changing tables, diaper pails, laundry baskets…

My piece of advice for other moms would be to be realistic on what you need and shop for deals!! Decide what you want to splurge on and make it the pieces that can grow with your baby.  My other favorite accessory, which was both a splurge and a deal in Skyy’s nursery, is the crystal chandelier that I got for a steal!  I shopped around a lot of stores online and then went to Lamps Plus and found it on clearance and got it for a steal.  It was exactly what we wanted too and when the lights are on it twinkles rainbow from the crystals.

The most practical would have to be the basket that holds everything for changing diapers and little light that sits next to it.  The little lamp was Sam’s genius idea that way we didn’t have to turn on the big chandelier when changing her diaper at night.  That would make for an upset and wide-awake baby!  The basket has all different compartments so all of your products have their own spot.  It also comes with a pad to lie on your changing table.My mom found it on amazon and it’s by JJ Cole- it also has an easy to clean fabric on the inside and out.

Something interesting about us would have to be that my husband Sam and I went to elementary and middle school together.  He was 2 years ahead of me and I had the biggest crush on him growing up!  In 6th grade I knew he was going to be the man I married when I got older.  On our wedding day we even had a bet who was going to cry first and of course I lost … We had mutual friends but never dated and once we graduated high school we always ran into each other at events, concerts, tradeshows, etc…  Then almost 9 years ago we were both newly single and he messaged me on FB and that is where we began and have been together rock solid since.  He is my soul mate and one true love.  We got engaged at our favorite place Disneyland on Christmas eve in 2014, married on a Friday the 13th in 2015, got pregnant on our good friends wedding anniversary in 2016 and baby in February of 2017. We have had an eventful last 4 years and are looking forward to many more now that we are a mommy daddy duo.

I had never heard of Evolur before I began shopping for furniture for our nursery.  I wanted good quality furniture that was real wood and could transition to grow with my daughter.  I found it by searching on Babies R Us for convertible wood cribs.  I knew once I saw it of course, the design and read the great reviews that it was the brand I was going to have in our nursery.   Also with the full bedroom set available everything matched perfectly. It is furniture that was built to last and I cant wait to see it transition into the day bed when Skyy gets older.   I also purchased the night stand, bed rail and the pieces to transform it into the twin bed.  My aunt got us the Evolur changing tray for on top of the long dresser which I love because it holds the changing table pad and has felt on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch dresser. We got it from Babies R Us since we registered there, great return policy and they are a trusted retailer.

All photographs courtesy Roxee & Sam Maas.

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