Safari dream nursery

Warm tones meet elements of nature in baby Elliot’s nursery.

Summer might be that joyful season that comes and goes for most of us, but step into baby Elliot’s dream nursery and it’ll feel like it never left! With warm-toned, textured walls, accent plants and cute, peppy safari décor elements, Mama Bailey Edwards added that extra funky DIY pizzaz… completed with the Dream On Me Lucas Mini Modern Crib!

With airy spaces and fresh elements, we can’t get enough of the hint of rustic charm flowing through the vibe of this beautiful nursery. And because we were so inspired, we decided to have a sit down with Mama Bailey and deep dive into her inspiration & design process as she set up her dream nursery!

Quick & efficient – Mama Bailey sets up the Dream On Me Lucas Mini Modern Crib

Here’s what Mom Bailey Edwards had to say about her dream nursery!

Q: What a lovely nursery! We’re so happy to see the Lucas Mini Modern Crib fit right in. How did you hear about Dream On Me and what drew you to us over other nursery brands?

A: I first heard of Evolur and Dream On Me when I was looking for nursery furniture on Instagram. As I scrolled and clicked on the most appealing nursery posts, I started to notice that all of my favorites had one brand in common – Dream On Me! I jumped over to Amazon and started to explore more of their unique products and fell in love with the Lucas crib. I decided to go with the mini to make Elliot’s room feel bigger.

Q: What does this color scheme mean to you?

A: The color scheme just kind of happened. Green is my favorite color, but I am also a big lover of golden/autumn colors. When I put together the orange and the green, the room quickly started to look very safari-esque! Which I loved and decided to just roll with it.

Q: What are your favorite elements of this nursery?

A: One of my favorite elements is definitely the accent wall! It was my first time doing anything like that and I was very nervous. I love how it contrasts with his super cute green crib. I just went for it and I loved how it turned out! I had a lot of fun putting it up and it actually went by very quickly. I also really love the dinosaur wall hanging that goes under Elliot’s name. I am 99% sure it came from Hobby Lobby! The letters that spell his name came from Michael’s and I painted them black myself!

Q: Any accessories that you feel add that extra bit of magic to the nursery?

A: I think the most magical bits in the nursery come from all of the small shops that contributed! The changing pad basket came from a really cool shop called Coastfully Yours and Michelle (owner) is such a nice woman! The basket is so cute and I love how soft it is. Elliot’s name puzzle came from another small shop called PB Corner. I really fell in love with this business and everything they make (the owner and I are now Insta-buddies)! I made a lot of awesome friends while slowly but surely putting this space together and it was a really cool experience.

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Image credits: Bailey Edwards

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