As a company that’s built on the foundation of industry experts a.k.a. parents… we know the lows and the triumphs that come with parenthood.

Nestled at the heart of this journey is the unique power of Motherhood. And within it… the beautiful, and sometimes difficult, path of Breastfeeding!

Each Mama and little one’s breastfeeding journeys are so unique to them; there truly is no one-glove-fits-all. Every experience filled with victorious moments, low moments, frustration moments and happy ones.

More than anything else, hearing from fellow Moms often proves to be that little nudge of validation and motivation.

So, this Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we decided to talk to our very own team of DOM Moms – the amazing women who help us bring you products that cater to you and your child.

And we asked them a simple question: “What was your Breastfeeding journey like, and what was your biggest lesson along the way?”

Here’s what they had to say.

Irene Simon, DOM Mom

Irene Simon

“My breastfeeding journey was a short one that only lasted three weeks. Even after doing extensive research on the topic, nothing could have prepared me for the realities of breastfeeding. The stress of your baby losing weight while you’re waiting for your milk to come in and praying your baby is getting enough nutrients. The late nights pumping, trying to get your body to make a better supply. Literally feeling like a cow because your baby is constantly attached to you, and not being able to pass the duties along to dad. And not to mention the pain. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain. Every time my baby latched on to me it felt like daggers. The cracked/ bleeding nipples was unbearable and never had enough time to heal before the next feeding. It took a toll on my mental health and I was crying every day, so after talking with my husband we both decided it was best to switch our baby to formula. Looking back, I wish I could have toughened through it longer. I know how beneficial it is for babies to drink breast milk and at times, I feel like a complete failure for giving up so soon. I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself on trying to be perfect.

I later heard about a breastfeeding mom group that helped support each other and after reading some of their stories and helpful tips/ tricks, I think I could have had a better experience if I learned about this group sooner. Unfortunately, my supply was already gone at that point. I am currently 11 weeks with my second baby, and I wish to do better this time around. I will definitely try breast feeding again.”

Swati Nair, DOM Mom

Swati Nair

“My journey was super short. One week was all I managed to feed them. Real special moments and the bond is so beautiful, almost as close as when you are carrying them inside with you. The journey started much earlier, though – all the practice, getting the right support and pillows, and practicing to feed twins. In the end. it might have been more valuable if I practiced the bottle phase more.”

Bindu P, DOM Mom

Bindu P

“My baby came into this world 2 weeks earlier… both of us were not prepared for our breastfeeding journey. Initially the journey was painful – we were both lost and there were too many people playing a role in my journey. The pain we went through made us stand for each other. I decided to stay head strong and understand that it’s me and my baby that matters. Slowly, we moved from formula milk to breast milk completely… and I believe this journey of breastfeeding plays a very important role in creating that extra special bond. It is indeed a special and an exclusive bond.”

Priyanka Nayak, DOM Mom

Priyanka Nayak

“It was a beautiful, as well as a scary part of my life. Unaware of how a woman’s body can transform from being a mother to pumping milk was just so fascinating. I call it the miracle of life, definitely. The way a child knows how to drink milk from the first instance. My journey was a full-fledged 10 months of breastfeeding my baby girl. A lot of pain, sleepless nights, frustrated mind… yet, it was so calming to see her burp every time she was full! It was just amazing.”

Elvia, DOM Mom

Chrissy Vales

“No one can teach you how to breastfeed. They can guide you, they can talk about their own experience, but it’s a choice only you can make – not just for you but your baby, as well. After all, you are creating such a personal bond and memories that will last forever. It does not matter how long you do it, as long as you try.”

Sarah Khan, DOM Mom

Sarah Khan

“Before my daughter was born, everything was running smoothly and I was super excited to begin my breastfeeding journey. I was very well aware of how important this process was for the development of the baby. I thought it would come naturally, so I didn’t do the amount of research. I should have before she was born. She was consuming very little milk and my hormones were heavily being produced. She was struggling to latch on to my breast properly. I was in severe pain with a swollen nipple. I almost gave up because of the unbearable pain and decided to feed her with a bottle. However, I was told not to because this could have affected my health, as well as the baby.

I reached out to my doctor for some medications and she introduced me to some techniques which changed my life. To allow some time for my nipples to heal, I used a silicone nipple protector and used ointments. Later on, I practiced different methods to make my daughter comfortable so that she can latch on correctly. I also tracked her feeding time. Over time, everything changed and feeding became easier for me. I am glad I continued and didn’t give up. Today, she is five years old and I am very proud of myself.”

Each story different, and each one full-filling! We hope you found something to nudge you along here – be it a bit of motivation, inspiration, tips, or a good read!

As a company, we have always and will always celebrate #TheBirthRight of every Mama to provide for her little one the way she feels is best.

Here’s to every strong, powerful and unique Mama!