Since summer is a time full of energy and life, brace your baby’s nursery with natural touches and fresh colours to welcome in the pleasures of the season for your little one. Find our ten wonderful nursery inspirations for summer that are sure to add a pinch of sophistication and much style to your baby’s room.

Make Your Baby’s Nursery Summer Ready: Nursery Inspirations for Summer

While babies hardly care what their nursery looks like, it’s not a bad idea to work an extra mile for good decor. After all, you’ll spend many late nights in this room. So, why not give it a fresh, seasonal update and synchronise your baby’s nursery with the interiors of your home?

The best thing about summer décor is that you have an unending list of elements, colors, and patterns to work with. You can be inspired by the sunshine, clouds, beach, flowers, or anything else – unless all the elements complement each other.

Whether you want to tweak your baby nursery to make it summer-proof or embark on a major nursery makeover inspired by the season, find our ten interesting nursery inspirations for summer. Don’t worry! We’ve got a lot more than just fresh yellows and serene blues!

10 Summer-Inspired Nursery Accents for 2021

If you are looking for inspiration on summer-themed nursery décor, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for you.

1. Natural Wood Crib

Talking about the nursery design, a crib has to have a strong feel to bring in the summery vibes. However, you cannot practically change your crib’s design or colour from season to season. So, it is rather a great idea to buy a natural wood crib and experiment with its bedding, crib mobile, etc. to tweak the design as per your mood.

Specifically, for summer, there’s nothing more soothing to the eyes than a natural wood crib. After all, it is the centerpiece of your nursery and brings in the earthy, breezy feel without much effort or spending an extravagant amount of money on a customized crib.

Dream On Me Natural Wood Crib

2. Summer Inspired Crib Bedding

Be it adventure or space theme, crib bedding can instantly amp up your nursery as per your desired theme. All you need is to look for the right prints and quality. Since we want to keep this list gender-neutral, we recommend looking for ocean themed crib sheets to bring in vacation vibes inside your baby’s little room. Moreover, you can also go for crib sheets with summery stripes, fun patterns, and vibrant colors.

Bedtime Originals Ocean Mist Fitted Crib Sheet

As for the pillows and soft toys, you can choose flamingoes, dolphins, sun, rainbow, clouds, and more. However, remember to ensure your baby’s safety against suffocation while sleeping in the crib. Use the pillows only for decor purposes and keep them away when you put your little angel to sleep.

Nursery Inspiration

3. Baby-Safe Air Purifying Plants

If you’re someone who appreciates greenery inside your home, you don’t need a girl-themed nursery to incorporate baby-safe plants to enhance the nursery design. Air purifying plants elevate summer-inspired nurseries while keeping a safe breathing environment for your little munchkin. Moreover, they not only add a great dose of green color but also bind the entire color palette of the room – even if it’s a boy themed nursery.

However, not all plants are safe for a baby nursery and you must choose them wisely. According to house plants experts, the Parlor Palm, Bird’s Nest Fern, Money Plant, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, and Ponytail Palm are some of the safest houseplants for your baby’s nursery.

Dream On Me Seashell bassinet and bedside sleeper

Dream On Me Seashell bassinet and bedside sleeper

4. Coconut Shell Hanging Planters

Talking about plants, let’s not forget pots and planters. If you love hanging planters, you can use coconut shells to DIY them and bring in more summer vibes to the nursery.

Coconut Shell Hanging Planters

5. Sun Shaped LED Night Lamp

An LED lamp not only produces the right amount of light when you need it in the middle of the night but also creates a warm and relaxing ambiance. So, how can we miss getting creative with it? A sun-shaped night lamp is sure to bring in a summer-themed element in your nursery without much effort.

Sun Light Lamp - Baby Room Nursery- Etsy

6. Pastel Window Curtains

Since you need curtains or blinds to cover your nursery windows, why not experiment with them to bring in the summery decor? Well, this summer, we recommend going for solid pastels instead of bright, warm colors or patterns.

Evolur Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Evolur Aurora 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

7. Birds Crib Mobile

If you don’t want to take the typical boy or girl inspired nursery route for your baby, birds are the perfect solution to bring in summer decor. For so, a hanging bird crib mobile is sure to bring in the feel. The best part is, you can also “DIY” it if you don’t want to make a new purchase.


8. A New Summery Wallpaper

Although painting the entire nursery is not easy, creating a statement wall with fresh summer-inspired wallpaper is pocket-friendly and doable! From florals to birds, adventurous, nautical, geometrical or solids, you can opt for any light-colored wallpaper to bring in summer vibes in your baby nursery. You can also pick hot-air balloons or beach-inspired wallpapers for the same.

Evolur Cheyenne 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Evolur Cheyenne 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

9. Cloud Shaped Dream Catcher

If you believe in dreamcatchers or simply adore them as whimsy decor pieces, a cloud-shaped dreamcatcher is sure to uplift your nursery design. After all, clouds make an important connection with summer-themed decor.

Cloud Dream Catcher

10. Flamingo Metal Wall Décor

Walls with statement pieces scream for the room’s theme alone. While you can opt for framed paintings, wall galleries, acrylic wall panels or metal decors & sculptures, we recommend looking for a “flamingo” figurine to make the room more summer-ready!

Flamingo Wall Art - Sand Castles and Spurs Etsy

What’s Your Summer Style Inspo for the Nursery?

Summer decorations are all about incorporating bright, seasonal colors and spirited elements that reflect the season. Upgrading the nursery for the season can hence be very simple and hassle-free. Moreover, if you are on a tight budget, you can only tweak your nursery essentials to prepare for your baby nursery.

Remember that you don’t need to invest a lot of money into nursery decor but only play with the right pieces, colors, textures, and symmetry to bring in the best vibes. After all, giving your bub’s nursery a summery lift doesn’t have to mean a full-blown makeover or a hefty investment.

The changes can be easy, quick, and done yourself – from swapping a few decor pieces to bringing in minimal new pieces. Feel free to work with rainbows, seasonal fruits, and unique accessories to add an eclectic vibe to your summer-inspired nursery theme.

Which of these ideas intrigues you the most?