She picked up the beautiful Windsor Collection for her baby boy’s nursery and made magic with it. We covered it in October last year. You can read about it here and here.

We caught up with the lovely DeAnna a few days ago for a few quick questions and here’s what she had to say:

1. What you are most grateful for this Mother’s Day?
I am most grateful for my happy, healthy family. Some days, it’s hard being a parent and as a mother, it’s all about the babies needs. They come first. But at the end of it all, my 2 loves are as happy as can be and they love each other. We are truly blessed.

2. What makes this Mother’s Day extra special?
This Mother’s Day is extra special because my sister in law had her first child last year so we plan on being together on Mother’s Day! It’s special to share the day with her.

3. What plans you have for Mother’s Day?
We plan to let the guys take care of everything!

4. Is there anything specific you would like for Mother’s Day?
I just like a day off on Mother’s Day. I spend every other day of the year worrying, making meals, changing diapers, and cleaning up. I would like to just do nothing!

Well, Happy Mother’s Day DeAnna! From all of us at the DOM Family.

Featured in this article: évolur’s Windsor (Curved Top) Collection; also called Adora; in Sienna
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Note: The Sienna finish for Windsor Curved-Top has been retired. We now have this collection available in Cloud, Storm Grey and Pewter finishes.