Meet The Antilia Mid Century Collection – the latest in modern luxe from Evolur Loft. This refreshing, urban collection brings modern luxe and eclectic textures together to fit into any nursery décor and theme!

Comprising of a 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, spacious Double Dresser and a comfy Changing Tray, it’s available in 2 evergreen finishes – warm Sandcastle Oak and calming Vanilla Bean!

Antilia Collection

Antilia Mid Century 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Double Dresser

But we decided to go a step further and bring you closer to the world behind the collection.

We sat down with Irene Simon, Product Designer at The D.O.M. Family and the creator of the Antilia Collection. Join us as she gives us an in-depth glimpse into the thought behind the pieces, how to style it, and how she styled it in her very own dream nursery for her new bundle of joy, Emily Rose!

Antilia Collection

About the Antilia Mid Century Collection

What was the inspiration behind the Antilia collection?
Irene: Mid century Modern. I wanted to take elements from the 70’s and bring them back to life by adding modern elements.

Any personal influences and inspiration that you poured into the collection?
Irene: I personally love the minimalistic look with clean lines. Less is more.

Antilia Dresser

Did your pregnancy influence or inspire any part of the collection?
Irene: Yes, I didn’t want to know the gender of my baby, so I needed a collection that would work with both boy and girl décor.

What is different about Antilia from Evolur’s other collections?
Irene: This is the only collection where 70’s meets modern with its sleek lines, elegant rounded details and asymmetrical legs.

Did you model your nursery around the Antilia pieces or did they seamlessly blend into the décor you already had in mind?
Irene: They seamlessly blended. The Antilia Collection is so versatile that any theme will look fantastic.

Antilia Crib

On how Irene styled the Antilia Collection in her own dream nursery

What was the inspiration for your nursery décor?
Irene: Safari Animals

Did the room pose any design challenges and how did you tackle it?
Irene: I didn’t want to know the gender of the baby so I had to keep the nursery neutral. I decided to go with an animal theme because I knew this could work for either a boy or girl. I also used whites, creams and greys with intentions of finishing decorating the nursery once the baby was born.

Antilia Dresser

Which was the first piece of furniture from the Antilia collection you placed in the nursery?
Irene: I got the collection all at once and made my husband set up the whole nursery within one weekend.

Which is your favorite piece in your nursery?
Irene: The Holland Glider is my favorite piece in the nursery. I do all the feedings with my baby there. It’s comfortable and the perfect place for my baby and I to get cozy.

Evolur Holland Glider

What is your favorite aspect of your nursery?
Irene: I love how modern and simple my nursery looks. I don’t like too much clutter, so I feel like everything has its place while still looking fun.

Did you and your spouse agree on a style, or did you blend styles?
Irene: My husband and I have similar taste so he let me decorate however I wanted with confidence it would turn out fantastic.

Evolur Holland Glider

Tell us a bit about how you’ve accessorized your nursery.
Irene: After we had our daughter, I was able to finish decorating the nursery with girl designs in mind. I decorated the shelves above the dresser with her hair bows and pictures of our family. I think she will love looking at them, as she gets older. I found these beautiful safari animal pictures with flowers on their heads that I hung next to the glider. My daughter gazes at them during feedings, and I put this feminine flower vinyl decal with her name Emily Rose above the crib. It really brings the room together.

And does the color scheme have any personal significance?
Irene: The whites, creams, greys and pinks make for a calming atmosphere. It’s perfect for soothing my baby to sleep at night. The soft colors really help my baby relax. I think the colors are also perfect for every stage of her life. They will work as she grows up.

What’s one word that comes to mind when you step into your nursery, considering the pieces were designed by you?
Irene: Perfection. My nursery is everything I imagined it to be and more. I couldn’t be prouder.

Is this your first baby? How does motherhood feel?
Irene: Yes, this is my first baby. I absolutely love being a mother. I feel like I was born to do this. I love being with my daughter so much. She makes me a better person and she definitely brought out the patience inside me that I never knew I had.

Antilia Double Dresser

What did you want this room to reflect?
Irene: I wanted this room to be a calming and soothing environment for my baby.

How has the décor you’ve chosen impacted your baby?
Irene: My baby loves the changing tray. Whenever she’s being fussy, I’ll lay her down on the changer and she relaxes. She also loves staring and giggling at all her bows that hang above.

For every nursery décor, and for any theme, the Evolur Antilia Mid Century Collection with its intricate textures and subtle, clean lines ensures to seamlessly blend in. Bring your little bub’s haven to life with the combination of retro charm and new-age designs.

The Antilia Mid Century Collection is available in both its finishes – Sandcastle Oak and Vanilla Bean – on Amazon.

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