OH BABY! Babypalooza Delivered a Big Way this July!

With a brand new team behind Babypalooza this year, bloggers came prepared for some serious fun! Babypalooza was rockin’ the Blogger Bash boat with celebrity meet and greets, games, pampering and let’s not forget — plenty of giveaways! Some of the most well-known brands to moms mixed in with some awesome new companies were at Babypalooza and introduced their new products, engaged with fun activations and discussed one-on-one how they would like to work with you in the future. It was hard to figure out which brand to head over to first with this incredible line-up!

And of course we just had to be there!

Available on Amazon and BabiesRUs**.

*The évolur Windsor (Flat Top) Collection is also available in Cloud and Storm Grey finishes.
** The évolur Windsor Collection is also referred to in some cases by its previous name – Catalina