“I had a vision of a whimsical, earthy nursery with dusty pinks and neutral greys and off whites, and I’m still in awe of how it all came together. I absolutely adore our Dream On Me crib nestled against the vintage rose accent wall.” – Mom Karissa Quinno

And mom Karissa certainly brought that vision to life – PERFECTLY! Mixing patterns and textures can be a tricky affair, but we love how Karissa has brought these varied elements together effortlessly. The end result – a unique and eclectic nursery for a sweet baby girl.

Most moms start with a single furniture piece or decor item that provides them with the spark to create the nursery of their dreams. For Karissa, it was the bold vintage floral wallpaper, that you can’t help but notice, that provided her with all the inspiration she needed to put together this baby girl nursery that is part whimsical, part boho, part earthy and part chic. Sitting against this beautiful backdrop is the Dream On Me Alexa 5-in-1 Convertible Crib in Pebble Gray, which adds a big dollop of charm in this eclectic nursery.

We also love Karissa’s choice of colors for the nursery, dusty rose, and gray, a twist to the popular soft pink and gray nursery palette. A couple of dressers in a rustic, weathered finish add character while rose curtains and a plush area rug near the crib lend the nursery with a subtle feminine air. But what catches our eye is the pattern on pattern detail – a dusty rose pouf on a gorgeous patterned brown rug. Adds a bohemian touch to this charming nursery! A handsome fireplace and a plush gray glider in a cozy corner infuse the room with warmth.

Kudos, Karissa, for creating this one-of-a-kind nursery, and can we say – “We are in awe too!”

Read more about how Karissa went about putting together this eclectic nursery – one piece at a time!

What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?

Whimsical and Earthy. I wanted to feel calm instantly but refreshed whenever I would walk into her room.

What does this color scheme mean to you?

The color scheme is definitely representative of our baby girl and not necessarily gender-neutral. I didn’t want it to appear (too) girly. By making the pinks more of a muted dusty tone, I kept a sophisticated air amongst the overall layout of her space so she can grow into it throughout the years comfortably without having to update later on if it appeared too childish.

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?

I absolutely adore our Dream On Me Crib nestled against the vintage rose accent wall.

Why did you pick Dream On Me?

It brings such charm into the space by the aesthetic of its construction, simple but elegant! The fact that it is a 5 in 1 conversion is amazing for her toddler years through her childhood years once it becomes a full bed!

What accessories did you choose, and why?

From the accent wall, different throw rugs, and grey/white washed rustic dressers and matching changing table; I knew these pieces would allow for natural decor and items to work well with the space. By keeping everything fairly neutral in tone, I knew that adding the greenery and florals would add the bold pops of color and life to the room without draining it of vibrancy or the flip side, having too many bold colors competing with one another.

Have you thought of how you will use the nursery pieces down the road?

I really just love how she will be able to grow up in this space, and it won’t feel too childish later on. The crib especially will be able to transform into a bed, and we love that we won’t need to do too many updates. It’s a space that will serve many years as is ❤

Something interesting that happened before, during, or after the pregnancy?

When we were setting up her room and putting all the pieces together over the months, we had decided on a name I’d say three months into my pregnancy, but her middle name was something we wanted to be simple and different, to really flow with her first name. An element in the room design is what led us into picking her middle name. 🥰

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?


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