Continuing our 3-part series on Chloe Marie’s lovely Aurora Nursery featured in out Beautiful Nurseries category, here’s an interview with the proud mom – Alejandra Cárdenas herself.

What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?
I wanted a timelessly chic, romantic room without a nursery theme. Something Chloe can grow up in without major décor changes. I love the calming colors of the walls and Evolur Aurora pieces.

What drew you to évolur over other nursery brands?
I picked out the nursery furniture so early on in my pregnancy, that by the time my baby showers came along, the set had been sold out and discontinued. I began searching through Pinterest for shabby chic nurseries when I came across the Evolur Aurora Crib in Ivory. I’d never heard of this brand; I instantly fell in love and when I found it in pink, I teared up. I sent a picture to my husband, mom and best friend and told them “This is it! This is the crib she has to have!” Pink and bows are my favorite, and this set completely echoed what I wanted for my baby girl.

Did the room pose any design challenges?
Oh, God, yes! First, installing the chandelier and medallion were a huge pain! My husband and I are both Mechanical Engineers and we thought this would be a breeze. But the medallion limited visibility while connecting the wires and my husband was electrocuted twice. Meanwhile, I was 8 months pregnant, my belly was huge and everything was hard to do at this point. So standing on a ladder for a couple hours was a bit ambitious. In retrospect, we should’ve asked someone else for help.

The dresser and chifferobewere generously purchased for Chloe by my cousin (who’s really more like my brother) and his partner. Unfortunately, it was delivered the week I went into labor and someone was going to come help haul it up the stairs that weekend…. But I went into labor a little bit early. My husband’s cousin kindly volunteered to carry the two pieces up the stairs. However, when we got home, the furniture didn’t flow as nicely as I had envisioned it. The ivory wall with gold polka dot decals is where the crib was supposed to go. I was frustrated that her room was not readybut several hours and many opinions later, we finally figured out a lovely way to arrange the furniture. I am totally in love with the way it turned out.

Did you and your spouse agree on style, or did you blend styles and how?
My husband has been so supportive, through the pregnancy and beyond. I prayed for a baby and (not so secretly) wanted a girl; we have a beautiful 7-year-old boy. When we found out we were having a girl, he knew it was my wildest dream come true, so he let me do whatever I wanted. He gave input on where certain furniture should go and where certain décor should be hung, but I picked out all the items in her room.

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?
Even though all the furniture was kindly purchased by different people in my family the one that means the most to me is the crib. I am very close to my maternal grandmother and when she found out I was pregnant; she was so ecstatic. When I told her it was a girl, it turned her world upside down. When I picked out the Evolur set, she called to tell me that she solely wanted to gift us the crib and that meant everything to me.

Are there any sentimental pieces you incorporated into the room?

When I found out I was pregnant, my mind went crazy with all the different things I could make! When I found out it was a girl, I knew one of the things I wanted to make was a personalized blanket. Something that Chloe can grow up using and keep forever.

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?

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Featured photo of the proud parents with baby Chloe was taken at the hospital.

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