In a departure from form, Vanesa Salazar sent us her Q & A in the form of a short essay. We decided not to break it up into our standard format because the thoughts flow seamlessly from one to the next and some things are best left as they are. So here we go!

My inspiration for the nursery came from a PotteryBarnKids magazine that featured a room from Monique Llhullier.

I bought these beautiful Evolur pieces because they were very feminine and sweet for our first baby, which is a girl. I choose Evolur because the set is versatile, durable and the crib is convertible. We love the idea that it becomes a toddler bed, day bed and a regular bed. We choose the color grey pearl because it is in style, hence we also paint the walls with a light grey color.

The accessories are mostly from PotteryBarnkids. I purchased two quilt sets, one from ToysRUs and one from PotteryBarnKids. She is currently using the one from ToysRUs. Everything blended as I expected. I always had an eye for style and design. The scheme of her room are mostly butterflies and ballerinas.

My favorite piece is the armoire because I can put everything in the order and place that like. For example, I have all her dresses hanging and her shirts, pant, onesies, etc on the top drawer. On the second drawer I have extra shampoo, moisturizers, changing pads, anything additional as such. The armoire is so romantic and spacious.

I am always buying ahead, hence I already bought Caressa a bedding set in black and white that it will match almost everything that she has today. She can remove anything she finds too baby.

Caressa – it’s our first baby and she was so welcome, we waited 17 years to have a baby. We married young, but we didn’t wanted to be teenagers raising a baby. We wanted to have more for her, we wanted to be established.

I had a great pregnancy, however at the delivery, once I had the epidural the baby’s heart stop and I thought that I will loose her. They took me immediately to do a C-section. After that we were ok.

Every time I step into her room I feel happiness and I know my little girl will feel the same. She is so love.

All photographs courtesy Vanesa Salazar

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