Breastfeeding – a topic that is surprisingly controversial even today. But a basic right & necessity of mothers and babies all around the globe. It’s a journey so unique, and so individualistic, that its beauty is rarely lost on the world.

Mothers are tough; they are silent, they are resilient and they are strong. And in their individual feeding journeys, they find a path that is completely their own.

And our brands – Evolur, Dream On Me & Sweetpea Baby – wanted to celebrate just that!

Celebrating Breastfeeding Awareness Month

With a strong community of Moms behind us, we wanted to showcase our support for them.

Step 1: Breaking the stigma around feeding!

As ‘industry experts’ ourselves a.k.a. parents, we know that a parent’s feeding journey might not go as planned. And we know that it’s okay – no matter what your choice is, as parents, we aim to provide the best for our children.

Step 2: Educate and empower!

Our aim was to enable our community of parents and new parents with knowledge that would shine light upon the different aspects of feeding. Each of The D.O.M. Family Brands touched upon different topics to ensure that a glossary of knowledge was available at a tap!

Step 3: Celebrate!

Breastfeeding, or rather any feeding journey, can be a very lonely path for most mothers and parents. Which is why, our goal was one: to let them know that it’s okay.

Ultimately, Mamas, never forget to celebrate where you are, embrace your journey and keeping doing you.

Getting The Community Talking

As we continued our journey of enabling parents on their feeding journeys, we partnered Mamas who were doing it their way. Evolur’s endeavour to destigmatize #TheBirthRight of every parent to provide for their child the best way they feel is right saw the brand featuring & celebrating them and their stories.

From Adi Benson and certified Feeding Tech, Mallory Whitmore of The Formula Mom to low supply education advocate, Kaia Lacy of Low Supply Mom and beauty & lifestyle blogger Andreea Gaul, the stories were unique, powerful and raw.

Mama Adi

Read Mama Adi’s feeding story here

Mama Mallory

Read Mama Mallory’s story here


Read Mama Kaia’s story here

Mama Andreea

Read Mama Andreea’s story here

Moms Speak (up): Sharing stories, moments and more

What followed were stories from Mamas enabling fellow Mamas. Some funny, some touching, some difficult… but each unique.

There are many benefits to breastfeeding. As you start your journey, stay in touch with your medical expert for easy navigation. And if you’re having trouble, there are many options out there to ensure you’re able to nourish your baby in the best way possible.

No matter which path you choose, remember: You’re doing great, Mama!

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