Part 2 of our coverage of Baby Faye Anne’s Aurora Nursery features, as always in our 3-part series articles, a mini-interview with the happy parents. Before you read on, take a moment to reflect – isn’t Faye Anne the sweetest sounding name ever? 🙂

Corey says:

Faye is our second child. We have a son, Ryan, who is 2 years old. He has done a wonderful job with Faye! Each day he gets more loving towards her. When we first brought her home from the hospital, he had a hard time sharing mom and dad’s attention. He has started back at daycare and that has really helped him warm up and not get so emotional over little things.

Faye’s pregnancy was completely different from Ryan’s. I would say the most interesting thing was not being able to eat veggies while pregnant. I am a runner and, for the most part, eat very clean. However, for those 9 months I just wanted Mexican food! The delivery was flawless. She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces as opposed to Ryan’s 7 pounds 14 ounces. Since she was so much smaller, hard labor lasted for about 5 minutes and my recovery time was about 2 weeks. Even though she is our second child we were very nervous with when it came to holding her. She was so tiny compared to Ryan we were afraid we would break her, lol!

What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?
The inspiration for the nursery came from a lot of Pinterest. We decided we wanted to have her back wall shiplap. I knew the colors were going to be gray, pink, and ivory. I never really wanted a theme for the room. I envisioned having multiple things come together to create this classic, shabby-chic room.

From there I had to decide on a crib that I liked and that went with the picture I had in my head. My mother-in-law had actually found the crib online. As soon as I saw it, I knew that was the crib I wanted for her room. I purchased it immediately. I loved the delicate touch of the bow in the center of the crib, and I felt that it really went with what I was looking for with the room. When the crib arrived and we put it together, I fell in love.
Because we were so pleased with the crib, we decided to get the dresser (actually my mother-in-law purchased that as a Christmas gift for us). I was and am very impressed with the quality of the furniture! I know that it will last.

Did the room pose any design challenges?
The major design challenge was the wall decor. When we purchased the color, it was gray. When we started painting, it magically turned to a blue gray. I had decided that I wasn’t going to purchase more paint…it was going to have to work.
Luckily when we painted the shiplap and put up the boards, it calmed down the blue. I couldn’t make up my mind for wall decor. I have a very hard time trying to determine what is best and where. My mother-in-law had purchased the mirror a few years back and it had been collecting dust. She sent a picture and I knew that it was going to be perfect. From there everything seemed to come together nicely. We made Hobby Lobby runs and Etsy purchases. The monogram and dream catcher were both purchased on Etsy. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Did you and your spouse agree on style, or did you blend styles and how?
Michael and I pretty much had the same thoughts throughout…except for the shiplap. He had to convince me to let him do it. It took a while but I finally caved, and he was right, it’s perfect. Other than that, he pretty much let me have free reign.

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?

My favorite part of the nursery is the dresser and mirror combo. I just love how that came together. It completely changed the aspect of the room. There is the blanket hanging on the rocker. I had a teacher intern this last year. His wife had made that blanket for Faye. It is absolutely beautiful and I know it’ll stay with her.

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?
The one word I think about with the nursery is fairy tale.

All photographs courtesy Corey & Michael Schneider

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