This week, we are back with a shabby chic Aurora nursery that’s actually so very chic and not at all shabby. Really. 🙂

Baby Emily’s Aurora nursery is all soft colored prettiness. Everything in this nursery (and mom Amanda Da Silva) was kind enough to send us a list of accessories used and where to pick them up from, which we will share later), is tasteful and unobtrusive. Even the heavy-set, carved gilt picture frame with baby Emily’s picture in it, that sits on a panel above the changing station seems to blend into the harmony that this nursery is.

The walls of this room is a cool, light grey with an ivory ceiling. The floor is covered by an inviting shag rug in ivory. A beautiful, clear, white, crystal chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. The beauty of these walls is that the finish has a gentle texture that serves to magnify the available filtered light in the room.

The main feature of this room is, of course, the crib. The finish Amanda chose is Ivory Lace or French Grey. It sits against a wall by a cosy-looking, comfortable, stormy grey glider-ottoman set which in turn sits in a corner by a blind-covered window on the adjacent wall. The filtered light that enters the room from this window plays up the delicate, feminine colors and accessories. Over the crib is Emily’s name, laser-cut, in a flamboyant script lettering made of MDF and retaining it’s natural ochre-brown. The bedding is a combination of ivory and pale pink with bumper pads.

Over beneath the window and by the glider sits a cute little round-topped side table with a lamp, a doll and a teeny picture round frame. The canvas art above the chair reads ‘You have filled my heart with greater joy’ and alongside this is a floral heart decoration tied with a pink bow. On the whole, this combination of furniture and accessories just ties everything on this side of the wall together.

Opposite the crib rests the changing table and dresser. And over this dresser/changing station is the coup de grace of this nursery – and it isn’t our Aurora furniture! – It is a beautifully put together collage of framed pictures and wall art including a pair of little shelves. The collage contains pictures of mom, Emily and dad, flowers and wall art – all in pink, ivory, gold and natural brown. A tiny wall-universe in all of itself.

In all, the effect, if this is what Amanda was aiming for, is not just elegant and chic, but also serene and welcoming.

Tomorrow, we talk to Amanda and hear in her own words, how this nursery came about and where she picked up all the little magical thing that she has managed to fill it with.

All photographs courtesy Amanda Da Silva
Instagram: #emilyrosesilva

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