As always, our next instalment of Baby Alexis’ Aurora Nursery features an interview as well as a gallery of pictures. Read, look and enjoy!

What was your inspiration for the nursery design and décor?
I love decorating and finding things that go together and create a beautiful environment in a unique and fun way. I wanted my daughter’s room to look beautiful, girly, and very special. I wanted girly but not childish and this was my vision.

What drew you to évolur over other nursery brands?
After looking at various brands, Evolur just looked stylish, beautiful and most importantly built well.

Did the room pose any design challenges?
Only worry i had was fitting all the pieces without making it look crowded but it worked out perfect.

Did you and your spouse agree on style, or did you blend styles and how?
My husband loved working on his little princess’ room. We do everything together and painting his daughter’s walls, ceiling, installing the medallion, the chandelier, the crown molding…he just takes such pride in it and we both love every piece of her room. We joke that it’s the best room in the house.

What does this color scheme mean to you?
It is our favorite place in the house. I think the fact that we put in so much time, effort, and love into the room…it truly feels precious being in there. I was unsure about the pink ceiling at first, but it’s just perfect.

What accessories did you choose and why?
I found pieces on Etsy, amazon, TJ Maxx. I wanted things to match so the grey and white rug matches the grey walls and furniture. The crystals on the curtain rods match the crystals on the chandelier and night stand lamp. Glam meets comfort, as I say. Her custom name sparkles like diamonds to go along with the crystals. The butterflies around her name are also placed on the lamp and curtain rod to tie it all together. My sister in law bought the bedding at Buy Buy Baby and it perfectly matches the pink and white tones.

What is your favorite piece or design element in the nursery?

I have to say the vinyl tree…tree means strength, family, growth to me and my husband…and i hope it will to our daughter.

Have you thought of how you will use the nursery pieces down the road and can you tell us?
We have a whole plan of how we will utilize design pieces once we convert it to full size bed.

Is this your first baby?
Alexis is our first baby.

Something interesting that happened before, during or after the pregnancy?
Everyone was convinced we were having a boy as my husband is one of four boys and all his brothers have boys except for 1 niece. I wanted a boy too but finding out we were having a girl was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We adore our princess to no end.

What one word comes to mind when you step into the nursery?
WOW! My husband and I still cant believe how it all came together. We would have talks about what we envisioned and wanted and would worry if we would ever find all the pieces imagined…and we did…when you love and want something…it comes true! We are so blessed!

All photographs courtesy Marta & Vincent.

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