“Alexis’ room is to die for and all thanks to Aurora beautiful collection.” – Baby Alexis’s mom, Marta’s words. We couldn’t agree more and honestly, it covers pretty much what this awesome nursery looks like.

This nursery is pinks and ivories and greys – all blending into each other perfectly to create a space that is harmonious, luxurious and incredibly, overwhelmingly beautiful and undeniably, feminine. The white coved walls are a cool grey with a pink ceiling. While, in general, this is a difficult style to pull off (different colored walls and ceiling), with this room, it works perfectly to echo as well as off-set at the same time, the pinks and ivories of the room beneath it.

The Aurora collection that has been put to work in this nursery is in the ivory lace finish. Marta and Vincent have picked up the crib (of course), double dresser, armoire and nightstand. The items have been arranged around the room – one against each wall and serve as focus points for the rest of the decor.

The wall against which the crib is set is decorated with a tree decal. One adjacent wall stations the double dresser with a changing pad. Opposite to this is the armoire set between two tall windows that provide daytime lighting. Opposite the crib is a glider – set against the corner and by the window. The nightstand is placed conveniently on the right.

This nursery is has all the accessories and comforts a little princess could possible want. The wall decorations consist of the aforementioned decal and a sparkly pink stencil of Alexis’ name surrounded by butterflies in a darker pink. These, along with the pink of the ceiling, serve as perfect foils to break the potential monotony of the grey. The tall windows are draped with pink, multi-tier pleated curtains with crystal curtain rod ends.

Other accessories include a white pile rug with grey harlequin diamonds in the weave, pretty pink cushions and matching ivory, pink and grey soft toys and a few other butterfly-themed knick-knacks placed strategically around the room. An eye-catching lamp rests upon the nightstand and and an even more eye-catching crystal chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. The other functional accessories include pink-clad and grey bins and baskets placed appropriately.

In our next post, we will bring to you a mini-interview with Marta and more pictures. Wait for it!

All photographs courtesy Marta & Vincent.

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