After covering so many fantastically beautiful nurseries, week after week, for a whole year, you’d think that we’d… you know, sort of, seen it all. You’d think that we’d cease being stunned or being in awe of the nurseries that come our way. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Each nursery is so unique, so incredible that we are in a constant state of awe. One cannot help but admire the incredible variety that defines human creativity that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

This week, we bring to you Rainbow Baby Zoey’s bright, sunshiny, sprint-timey Windsor (Flat Top) Nursery in Pewter.

We’ve always felt that our pewter finish is a particularly challenging one to incorporate and we have to tip our hats to all the folks who have used it in ways we never thought of with great elan. Baby Zoey’s nursery has soft ivory walls that act as a perfect foil for the gently burnished grey of the furniture which includes the crib, a double dresser with a changing pad and a tall chest. Color accents used are yellows, pinks and blues. All come together making the room brightly appealing.

Occupying the center-stage is the crib, set against a wall covered with cool grey stars. Amidst the stars and overlooking the crib, is Zoey’s name written in various shades of pink flowers. This, in itself, is truly eye-catching and we are tempted to end the description of the nursery here and let you see it for yourself! The 5-drawer tall chest sits next to the crib and is accessorised with a yellow-shaded lamp and personal mementos. The adjacent wall features a dream-catcher and a a tall bright window. In the corner, by this window, sits the all-essential glider. Adjacent to this and across the crib is the double dresser with the changing station. A large area rug in pink and white covers the floor between crib and dresser.

Other accessories include, aside from Baby Zoey’s interestingly framed pictures and those mentioned above, pretty, starry baskets to hold various baby things, bright yellow pillows and throw, a pink cushion and a white and pink flower themed blanket.

Oh! It’s all too cosy and sweet for words!

On Wednesday, we will speak to the beautiful mom, McKenzie and find out a bit more about this lovely space she’s made for her baby.

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