Just when we thought that we had covered everything style and theme possible with our Aurora Princess Nursery Collections, along comes another one to make us sit up with popping eyes and dropping jaws.

But we suspect mom Michelle Gill was going for that! ?

“We had trouble having our oldest daughter (Makenna, 3) so when we finally found out we were expecting we decided she needed the most magical princess room in all the land. Fast forward 3 years to our surprise we found out we were having another baby girl. Emma Rose arrived a month early and 6 days before I turned 40. So, again since another little miracle was coming to join us we needed to come up with another princess room with different a color scheme.” Says she of Emma Rose’s nursery.

Baby Emma Rose’s Aurora Nursery is a magnificently eclectic mix of fairy-tale and modern elements.

This nursery is neither too large nor too small and it’s a symphony in lavender and silver. The walls sport a warm lavender that works as a lovely backdrop for Aurora’s Pearly Akoya Grey finish. The furniture pieces in this room are placed adjacent to each other – all in neat semi-circle.

The crib is the focal point of this room. And with good reason. A beautiful crown-topped canopy flows down against the headboard. A pretty lavender chaise occupies the space beneath Emma’s name. The dresser sits against a lavender-curtained window. Emma’s name in florals occupies the wall on the left of the crib and large ivory florals cover the wall on the right. A pretty lavender chaise sits conveniently next to the crib on the left. A grey shag carpet occupies the space in front of the crib. The Aurora tall chest sits against the wall opposite the crib. The crib bedding is – of course – lavender and ivory. A pretty baby mobile has been hooked up to the side.

The accessories in this nursery are of varying themes of lavender, ivory, silver and a touch of crystal. Chandelier, lamps, soft toys and a mannequin with a princess frock are placed strategically about the room. Completing this look is Baby Emma Rose’s name in an ivory frame on a lavender background. But of course!

All photographs courtesy Michelle Gill
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